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The Simple Spread

The Simple Spread

The simplest possible Tarot spread is the drawing and interpreting of a single card, and this is the type of spread you'll see if you get your free weekly reading at the start of each week. The simple spread above goes a little further by employing three cards, and the meaning of each card is modified according to the position it occupies in the spread. This three card spread is the one we use for our free on-line readings. To prepare the reading, three cards are selected and dealt in the order shown. They are then interpreted in turn as follows:

1 The Past Events or influences from the past that have affected the present but are now passing away
2 The Present The important events, issues, attitudes or influences around the question or current situation
3 The Future Future events and fresh influences about to come into play that will operate in the near future

If a specific question has been asked, then each position is interpreted in a manner relevant to the question. Of course, the spread may be varied in any way the reader sees fit, with greater or fewer cards, or different attributions to the three positions. The important thing is that the form and meaning of the spread are known in advance. For example, the simple spread could be interpreted as follows if this suited the reader's purposes and preferences better:

1 The Present The important event, issue, attitude or influence around the question or current situation
2 Obstacles Current obstacles, problems, conflicts and opposition that the questioner must deal with
3 The Outcome The eventual outcome of events shown by the other cards