I thank, and am profoundly grateful to the mane of Gerry Speck, of Ward Locke, the publishers, who commissioned this book nearly 30 years ago and who died tragically at such a young age. To my dearest friend Gabrielle Gunton who not only edited my manuscript brilliantly, but also encouraged me to continue when I thought of dropping the entire project. To Andrew Gunton who slaved with what often seemed an impossible task; his technical wizardry was truly a labour of love. The Late Abbot of the Jokhang Temple whose brief friendship was an inspiration. To my friend and colleague John Barnett for his practical advice and assistance. To my loyal friends Robert Bouata and the late Peter Fussell who died much too soon. To His Holiness the Dalai Lama, steadfast and always accessible to his people. Finally I remember my loving mother Ettie Presencer who died before I could finish this book, I know she would have treasured it.

Alain Presencer
London, England
April 2003

Photography by
Jason B Keffert Ltd.
Worthing, Sussex, England.
Text layout and design by
Andrew Gunton
Watford, Herts, England

'When the iron bird flies,
And horses run on wheels
The Tibetan people will be scattered
Like ants across the world
And the teachings will come
To the land of the red man.'

8th century.