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Part 1:
The Buddha, Showing the Way

1 Why Is This Man Smiling?:
The Buddha

The teachings of the Buddha were his life. Still alive today. Take and make real in your own life as much as you need. A little goes a long way. The story of this one person has changed civilizations. A smile that's gone around the world.

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2 One Taste, Different Flavors:
The Teachings Adapt to Different Lands

How the word spread, by foot and by ear ... and how it transformed and was transformed by each country it touched. Its ripples still ring out today.

3 What Might an American Buddha Look Like?

Buddhism's greatest chapter is still being writ ... by cabbies and dentists, stewardesses and stevedores. Buddhism's definitely destined to become a mainstream religion in America. Let's take a peek at the nursery.

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4 Different Travel Agents, Same Destination?:

No matter your faith, there's room for Buddha. Zen Judaists and Benedictine buddhas. Atheists and agnostics. Muslims and pagans. (Do all roads lead to Om?)

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Part 2:
Basic Teachings

5 The Handshake:
Buddhism's Basic Beliefs

Here's the Buddhist Pledge of Allegiance: taking refuge in the Three Jewels and the Four Noble Truths. Of such simplest of statements as these come profundity you can rely on. Like a rock.

6 Taking Steps:
The Path

Count them on your fingers. These eight steps lead to wisdom and compassion ... liberation from fear and suffering ... and to deep joy and lasting peace.

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7 The Art of Living:
Cardinal Precepts

Five variations on the Golden Rule, with a Buddhist twist to each. Engrave them in your heart. They guide our steps to freedom.

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8 The Fine Print:
Touching Deeper

Dotting the i's and crossing the t's. Here are the fine points that make everything click. Everything ... and nothing.

Part 3:
Seeing Clearly & Deeply:
Meditation & Its Paths

9 Taking the Plunge:
Beginning and Cultivating Your Practice

Why read about it when can find out for yourself? Here's how to get started ... and keep at it.

10 Base Camp:
Meditation Basics

The mind at rest is the greatest human achievement. Here's how you can practice that all the time, anywhere. Walking, sitting ... driving, or washing the dishes. Welcome to Base Camp!

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11 Look Within, and Know:
Insight Meditation (Vipassana)

What's with all these spiritual metaphors about seeing (enlightenment, illumination, insight)? Well, they're all about the clarity of understanding ... understanding life, and your own life ... and deep, calm, lasting peace ~ as you shall see ...

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12 See? Words Cannot Express:

What can I tell you that you don't already know? This very moment is a complete manifestation of the entire universe ... utter buddhahood ... and you're absolutely intertwined with it. (And you don't need cable to enjoy it!)

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13 Paths of Devotion and Transformation:
Pure Land and Vajrayana

Pure Land and Tibetan Buddhism. One path is simple. One, complex. One (or both) may be just right for you. Here's news you can use, that you may voice your choice when the time comes.

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Part 4:
The Pedal Hits the Metal:
Buddhism Applied to the World

14 Alone, Together:
Buddhist Relationships

No one is an island. Rather, we're stories. Intertangled, and continuing. Here are Buddhist perspectives on life's most basic stories, from cradle to grave and all the juice inbetween.

15 No Work, No Eat:
Work to Eat or Eat to Work?

What do business executives say these days? "Have your people talk to my people ... and we'll do lunch!" Well, here we'll look at business ... and lunch. Each keeps body and soul together.

16 Everybody's Doing It:
Buddhism and Popular Culture

There's Buddhism in the Crack! of a bat hitting a ball ... the twang of a guitar ... a Saturday afternoon matinee. Come one, come all. The Buddha's highway is easy and wide.

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17 New Ways of Seeing and Being:
Buddhism and Fine Arts

Who says art or enlightenment dwell worlds apart from us? Not Buddha! Here are arts of awakening you can enjoy ... and practice yourself.

18 The World Within and Without:
Buddhism and the Sciences

Physics and psychology ... Buddhism has been mapping inner and outer space for millennia. Discover how breakthroughs like neuroimmunology and holography, fractals and the Butterfly Effect, are shedding new light on the Buddha's wisdom, with a new mindset.

19 Happiness Is Not an Individual Matter:
Engaging the World

In its own unique way, Buddhism is rising to the challenges of the modern world. Environmental issues. Women's voices. Race matters. And so, too, Buddhists care for the dying at their bedsides, and teach true freedom in prisons.

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20 Times and Places to Celebrate

This wonderful present moment, this footstep touching earth ... these are causes for celebration, always. Buddhism also has special occasions. Here are some key dates and places.

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