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We are far from being born with equality. Some children are born in wealth families and grow up in a happy environment, with kind parents. By the other hand, in the developing countries, everyday a lot of unfeed and thin children are dying for widespread diseases. Some people have a life full of joy, while other people have a life full of frustration and suffering, loosing faith in life.

Why are there such differences, if all are equally being born as human being? The key for this question is the "karma".

Karma--this is the "actions", "words" and "workings of mind" done in the past or in past lives. And all of them become causes, which will certainly generate effects. Good causes bring joy as retribution, while bad causes bring suffering. This is the Law of Karma.

And such "deeds which bring good retribution" are called "merit" in Buddhism. For example, the fortune, the status, the fame, the intelligence or the beauty attained in this life, as well as the chance of doing practices--all of them are retributions for our merit, which our soul has been accumulating since the past or since past lives.

The "Merit" is obtained by repeatedly doing deeds which give joy to the others; then they emit the energy of joy and you can absorb it. Such energy can be accumulated. This situation of "having accumulation" is called "the situation of having merit".
And the more you advance in such "situation of having merit", the more you can increase your power to attain your wishes by moving the phenomena. And if you do not think about moving the phenomena, then your energy of merit can finally be converted in the energy of wisdom; in other words, the energy to understand everything.

(November 12, 1994 at Satian 6)

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