The following song is taken from Nicole Riggs' new book on the Shangpa Lineage, Like An Illusion: Lives of the Shangpa Kagyu Masters

Mokchokpa's Song of Advice

My practice was culminating in every way: I had many disciples and was always receiving donations. Yet there were many, such as Ngomshö Lachö, who didn't really listen to the teachings. I warned him that if he were to go back home, he would face death at some not-so-distant point, would not meet with me again. But he did not take my advice and set out to return to his village. The sight saddened me so, I took Ngomshö's hand in mine and sang him this song:

    The Buddha is the predecessor of all sentient beings,
    The holy Dharma is the shared jewel of all sentient beings.
    Since all is karmically allotted to devoted men and women--
    Ignoring one's inheritance is meaningless.

    The root of the Buddhas of the three times
    Is the lama who holds the lineage
    Fulfilling our wishes and desires in this and future lives.
    Lacking devotion for him, or her, is meaningless.

    For the remainder of this life
    Engage fully in practice with undistracted concentration
    Rather than trying to benefit the ever-dissatisfied.
    Wasting this life is meaningless.

    Immature beings with but a twig of awareness
    Are incited by the demon of death.
    Where they'll be in the future depends on the karma they gathered in the past.
    Doing evil deeds is meaningless.

    In this sorrowful world of contaminated aggregates
    We undergo birth, sickness, old age and death.
    To hope that this body-bag, a clay pot of sorts, may last forever--
    That is meaningless.

    Since food and wealth are in the nature of an illusion,
    They do not lead to the benefit of self or others.
    Yet you wallow in ingrained miserliness.
    Inability to let go is meaningless.

    Drawn off the path by the demon of conceptual thought,
    You lose sight of the Dharmata,
    And fear death, the parting of body and mind.
    Mental agitation is meaningless.

    You fail to seize the opportunities
    To meditate undistracted at the four times of day
    On the all-accomplishing vajrayana practices.
    Your ceaseless chatter and dwelling on the past is meaningless.

    As for this mind, this wish-fulfilling gem:
    If you do not meditate on it as inseparable from the three bodies
    You are just like a deer chasing a mirage.
    Pursuing verbal postulates is meaningless.

    Failing to take hold of the Dharmata as your homeland,
    You slack in your vigilance about ego-clinging: wandering aimlessly in samsara
    While holding on to the illusion of the citadel of the six classes of beings--
    That is meaningless.

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