The Transcendent Understanding- a store of precious virtues, mother of all the Buddhas.

1. Bodhisattvas who in this life

2. All the rivers in the Roseapple Island,

3. Just so if the hearer disciples of the Buddha

4. The Buddha transmits the eye of the Dharma

5. The incomparable understanding is not to be grasped,

6. Form, feelings, perception, formations, consciousness; all are empty

7. When the Bodhisattva desires to live the homeless life

9. Acting as if the five skandhas are real,

10. The five skandhas are empty,

11. If he can practice the silent awakening like this

12. If when practicing he does not see an object of his practice,

13. This practice which has no object cannot be conceived,

14. The Bodhisattva who knows that the five skandhas

15. If good teachers and spiritual friends tell them

16. Who is it that we call Bodhisattva?

17. Who is it that we call Mahasattva?

18. Great generosity, wisdom and virtuous power

19. Just like a magician at the crossroads,

20. All five skandhas are fetters which bind

21. Who is it we call a Bodhisattva

22. The Great Vehicle cannot be grasped

23. The object of a Bodhisattva's practice cannot be grasped

24. When a Bodhisattva engages in the action of great understanding,

25. When a Bodhisattva gives rise to the notion of "living beings"

26. When he knows clearly his own nature and that of other living beings,

27. Abandoning all names and words

28. When the Bodhisattva has a practice like this,

29. If he is not established in form and feelings,

30. Permanent and impermanent, suffering and joy,

31. If you want to aspire to the hearer, or pratyekabuddha enlightenment,

32. If you hear these teachings and determine to realise them

33. A Bodhisattva who practices like this the great wisdom

34. He trains in the non-increase and non-decrease of forms

35. Form is not wisdom, it is not absence of wisdom,

36. The basic nature of wrong perception is also emptiness

37. Wisdom is not form, the Buddha has said

38. For as many lifetimes as grains of sand in the Ganga's bed

39. Since all the words I ever uttered

40. If anyone constantly receives and practices this understanding


(Gatha to be read before beginning Kinh Hanh)

We are truly present our hearts established in mindfulness

For sitting meditation, kinh hanh and reciting the sutras

May the three jewels and the holy nagas

Support this meditation centre with its four sanghas

Protecting them from the eight misfortunes and the three paths of suffering

May the four sounds and the three worlds be permeated by the great favour

May there be no place in the world at war

May the winds be favourable, the rain seasonable and the people’s hearts at peace

May the practice of the sangha be steady and diligent

Ascending the ten bhumis without hardship

May the Sanghakaya live in peace, joy and newness

The refuges and the precepts bringing happiness and wisdom

The wisdom of the Awakened mind shines out like the full moon

The body of the Awakened One is as pure and clear as lapis lazuli

The Awakened One in the world never ceases to save beings from suffering

Nowhere is there Awakened mind which lacks love and compassion

Please sisters establish your mindfulness to recite the name of the Buddha

Namo Sakyamunaye Buddhaya


(stand up and practise circumambulation while recollecting the Buddha)


Teaching and living the way of awareness in the very midst of suffering and confusion, Sakyamuni Buddha the Awakened One, to whom we bow in gratitude. (B)

Seed of awakening and loving kindness in children, sprouts and all beings, Maitreya, the Buddha to be born, to whom we bow in gratitude. (B)

Cutting through ignorance, awakening our hearts and our minds, Manjusri the bodhisattva of great understanding to whom we bow in gratitude. (B)

Working mindfully, working joyfully for the sake of all beings, Samantabhadra the bodhisattva of great action, to whom we bow in gratitude. (B)

Seeing the Buddha in everyone, Sadaparibhuta, the bodhisattva of constant respect, to whom we bow in gratitude. (B)

Showing the way fearlessly and compassionately the stream of all our ancestral teachers, to whom we bow in gratitude. (BB)



I take refuge in the Buddha, the one who shows me the way in this life.

I take refuge in the Dharma, the way of understanding and love.

I take refuge in the Sangha, the community which lives in harmony and awareness. (B)

Since I have taken refuge in Buddha,

I see clearly a path of beauty in the world.

Since I have taken refuge in Dharma,

I am learning and practising ways of transformation.

Since I have taken refuge in Sangha

I have the Sangha to shine light on my practice

And support me on the path of practice.(B)

Taking refuge in the Buddha in myself,

I aspire that all people

May recognise the awakened nature

And quickly realise bodhicitta

Taking refuge in the Dharma in myself,

I aspire that all people

Can grasp firmly the ways of practice

and together go on the path of transformation.

Taking refuge in the Sangha in myself

I aspire that all people

May build four-part sanghas to transform

The suffering of numerous people. (BBB)