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  After the curfew  

  Vol II : issue 5

  Pete Seeger
  S.K. Singh
  Vladislava Gordic
  N.S. Madhavan
Nida Fazli
  Vinay Lal
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Nida Fazli

It is morning

the sky humbly bows

its head to the earth

for children are going to school...


Bathing itself in the stream

the sun dons itself

in a turban of spun gold

and stands smiling by the road

for children are going to school...!

Winds sing out blessings

on verdant green branches

jingles by fragrant flowers

wake up the sleepy paths

the shady peepul from its

corner of the old street

waves out its hands

for children are going to school...!

Angels of light come out

every trail is sparkling

at this moment

every pore of the earth

throbs like a mother’s heart

time sits happily

on a rundown rooftop

flying pigeons in the sky

for children are going to school

children are going to school...!




Translated from the Urdu Roshni ke farishte by Nirupama Dutt

A poet and lyricist for Hindi films, Nida Fazli lives in Bombay