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Again and again, however we know the landscape of love..

A ghost, though invisible, still is like a place..

All this stood upon her and was the world..

Along the sun-drenched roadside, from the great..

And night and distant rumbling; now the army's..

And you wait, keep waiting for that one thing..

As in a sleeping-drink spices..

As in one's hand a lighted match blinds you before..

As once the winged energy of delight..

A tree ascended there. Oh pure transcendence..

Be ahead of all parting, as though it already were..

Being apart and lonely is like rain..

Breathing: you invisible poem! Complete..

But you now, dear girl, whom I loved..

Call to me the one among your moments..

Come let us watch the sun go down..

Come thou, thou last one, whom I recognize..

Do you remember still the falling stars..

Encircled by her arms as by a shell..

Ever since those wondrous days of Creation..

Exposed on the cliffs of the heart..

Extinguish Thou my eyes: I still can see Thee..

Harshness vanished. A sudden softness..

He felt the entrance's green darkness..

High above he stands, beside the many..

His tired gaze from passing endless bars..

How can I keep my soul in me, so that..

How I have felt that thing that is called 'to part'..

How my body blooms from every vein..

I am always going from door to door..

I am blind, you out there--that is a curse..

I am like a flag in the center of open space..

I am no one and never will be anyone..

Ignorant before the heavens of my life..

I have great faith in all things not yet spoken..

I held myself too open, I forgot..

In some summers there is so much fruit..

Interior of the hand. Sole that has come to walk..

In the beginning life was good to me..

In the years when we were..

It is life in slow motion..

It would be good to give much thought, before..

I would like to sing someone to sleep..

Look at the flowers, so faithful to what is..

Look how she stands, high on the steep facade..

Look how the same possibilities..

Losing too is still ours; and even forgetting..

Music: breathing of statues. Perhaps..

My eyes already touch the sunny hill..

My whole life is mine, but whoever says so..

Night. O you whose countenance, dissolved..

O hours of my muse: why do you leave me..

O how all things are far removed..

Only mouths are we. Who sings the distant heart..

Ornamental clouds..

Other vessels hold wine, other vessels hold oil..

O trees of life, oh, what when winter comes?..

O you tender ones, walk now and then..

Perhaps it's no more than the fire's reflection..

Rose, you majesty -once, to the ancients..

See how in their veins all becomes spirit..

She sat just like the others at the table..

She who did not come, wasn't she determined..

Slowly the west reaches for clothes of new colors..

Someday, if I should ever lose you..

Sometimes she walks through the village..

Strange violin, why do you follow me?..

Suddenly, from all the green around you..

Suddenly she steps, wrapped into the wind..

Swing of the heart. O firmly hung, fastened on what..

Take me by the hand;..

Telling you all would take too long..

That is my window. Just now..

That some day, emerging at last from the terrifying..

The deep parts of my life pour onward..

The future: time's excuse..

The leaves are falling, falling as if from far up..

The rich and the fortunate do well to keep silent..

The saintly hermit, midway through his prayers..

The steadfastness of generations of nobility..

The summer hums. The afternoon fatigues..

They are assembled, astonished and disturbed..

This laboring through what is still undone..

This night, agitated by the growing storm..

Though the world keeps changing its form..

Timeless sea breezes..

We lack all knowledge of this parting..

What fields are fragrant as your hands?..

What I have already learned as a lover..

Whoever now weeps somewhere in the world..

Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angels..

Whom will you cry to, heart? More and more lonely..

Who says that all must vanish?..

Windows pampered like princes always see..

World was in the face of the beloved..

You don't survive in me..

You who are close to my heart always..

You who never arrived..

You, whom I do not tell that all night long..

You, you only, exist..