Title: Ode to a Watermelon


Poetry - EARLs Communication 2, Writing 1,2; Reading 1,2,3; Arts 1,2,3,4

Introduce students to Neruda's poem "Ode a La Sandia." (See translation) Have them identify the metaphors used by Neruda. As a group, pick one fruit and brainstorm possible metaphors. In pairs or individually, have students pick a favorite fruit and develops 3 metaphors for their own odes. Students will then construct a multi-layer collage of their particular fruit to be mounted in the center of a large paper. Odes will be written on the outside of the collage in black permanent ink.



Oda a la Sandia

por Pablo Neruda


La redonda, suprema y celestial sandia

es la fruta del arbol de la sed.

Es la ballena verde del verano.


Ode to a Watermelon

by Pablo Neruda

Round, supreme, celestial watermelon

The fruit of the tree of thirst

Green whale of summer.



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