Chapter 10

Vibhuti Yoga

(The Yoga of Divine Glories)

1. The Blessed Lord said: "Yet once more, O Mahahahu, hear My Supreme word which I, desiring thy welfare, shall speak to thee.

2. "Neither the Devas nor the Rishis know My origin, for I am, in every respect, the origin of them both.

3. "He among mortals who knows Me as birthless and without beginning - he, undeluded among mortals, is freed from all sins.

4. "Discrimination, wisdom, freedom from delusion, forgiveness, truth, self-restraint, inward calm, pleasure, pain, birth, death, fear, fearlessness;

5. "Non-violence, equanimity, contentment, austerity, charity, fame and even obloquy - verily, all these various attributes of creatures proceed from Me.

6. "The seven great Rishis and the four ancient Manus were born of Me through My mind, and of these were born all the creatures in the world.

7. "He who understands the glory of My immanence and My creative power, gets established in Me through unfaltering devotion; of this there is no doubt.

8. "I am the source of all and from Me everything evolves and flows; this knowing, the Wise constantly worship Me with hearts full of devotion.

9. "With Me always in their thoughts, their lives surrendered to Me, always speaking of Me and enlightening each other about My greatness, they remain ever contented taking delight in Me.

10. "To such ones, ever devout and steadfastly worshipping Me with love, I confer the gift of buddhi yoga which then leads them to Me.

11. "Out of compassion for them, I, dwelling in their hearts, dispel the darkness of delusion with the bright torch of Wisdom."

12. Arjuna said: "Thou art the Supreme Brahman, the Supreme Abode, the Supreme Holiness, the Everlasting Celestial Being, the Primeval God, the Birthless, the Omnipresent,

13. "Thus have all the Rishis - Narada, Asita, Devala and Vyasa - acclaimed Thee; and now, Thou Thyself proclaimest so to me.

14. "All that Thou tellest me is true, I know, O Kesava; verily, Lord, neither the gods nor the demons know Thy manifestation.

15. "Truly, Thou alone knowest Thyself, O Purushottama, O Source of all beings, O Lord and God of gods, and O Ruler of the Universe.

16. "Condescend to tell me without reserve of Thy Divine Glories whereby Thou dost pervade these worlds.

17. "How may I, by constant meditation, know Thee, O Yogin 46 ? In what various aspects am I to think of Thee, O Lord?

18. "Recount to me again in full detail, O Janardana, Thy unique power and Thy Glory; for my ears cannot be sated listening to Thy nectarine immortal words."

19. The Blessed Lord said: "Yea, I shall unfold to thee, O Kurusreshta, My Divine Glories - only the most important aspects though, for there is no limit to their extent.

20. "I am the Atman, O Gudakesa, seated in the heart of every being; I alone am the beginning, the middle and also the end of all beings.

21. "Of the Adityas, I am Vishnu; among the effulgent ones, I am the radiant Sun; of Maruts, I am Marichi 47 ; among the planets, I am the Moon;

22. "Of the Vedas, I am the Saama Veda; among the Devas, I am Indra; of the senses, I am the mind. I am the consciousness of all living beings.

23. "Of the [eleven] Rudras 48 , I am Siva; and among the Yakshas and Rakshasas, I am Kubera the lord of wealth. Among the [eight] Vasus 49 , I am fire and of the [celestial] mountains, I am the Meru.

24. "Among the great priests, know Me to be Brihaspati; among warrior-chiefs, I am Skanda; and among the waters, I am the ocean.

25. "Among the great seers, I am Bhrigu; of words, I am the sacred AUM; among sacrifices, I am Japayajna 50 ; and of things immovable, I am the Himalaya.

26. "Of the trees, I am the Ashwattha 51 ; among the Divine sages, I am Narada; of the heaven ly singers, I am Chitraratha, and among the perfected, I am the ascetic Kapila.

27. "Of horses, know Me to be the celestial horse Uccaihsravas begotten of the churning of the Ocean of Milk; among the mighty elephants, Airavata, and among men, King.

28. "Of weapons, I am the thunderbolt; among the cows, I am the celestial cow Kamadhenu; I am also the lord of passion who stimulates procreation; and among serpents I am Vasuki 52 .

29. "Of cobras I am Ananta 53 ; I am Varuna, the lord of the aquatic creatures; of the manes, I am Aryama; and of the controllers, I am Yama.

30. "Of Daityas, I am Prahlada; of reckoners, Time; of beasts, the lion, and of birds, Garuda.

31. "Of purifiers, I am the wind; amongst warriors, I am Rama; among fishes, I am the shark and of the rivers, I am the Ganges.

32. "O Arjuna, I am the beginning, the middle and the end of all creations. Of sciences, I am the science of spiritual knowledge; and I am the oratory of orators.

33. "Of the letters, I am 'A'; in grammar, I am dvanda; I am TIME itself; and I am the all-pervading Sustainer/Preserver.

34. "I am also the all-devouring death, as well as the source of all things to be; in feminine virtues I am glory, beauty, speech, memory, intelligence, constancy, and forgiveness.

35. "Of the hymns of the Saama Veda, I am the Brihat Saaman; of meter, I am the Gayatri; of the months, I am Margasirsa; and of the seasons, I am the flowery spring.

36. "I am gambling of the cheats 54 , and the glory of the glorious; I am victory; I am effort; and I am the purity of the pure.

37. "Among the Vrishnis, I am Vaasudeva; I am Arjuna among the Pandavas; among the sages, I am Vyasa; and among the Wise, I am Usana.

38 "I am the subduing power of those who punish; I am strategy in those who seek to conquer; I am also the silence of things secret and I am the Wisdom of the Wise.

39. "Whatsoever is the seed of all beings, O Arjuna, that am I. There is no being moving or fixed that can exist without Me.

40. "There is no end to My Divine powers and what I have described is but a trifling example.

41. "Whatever is glorious, beautiful and mighty, know that all such has issued from a minuscule part of My infinite and limitless splendor!

42. "But why needst thou to learn all this in great detail, O Arjuna? It suffices for thee to know that I support this entire Universe with but the tiniest fraction of My unlimited Yogic Power."

Thus in the Bhagavad Gita, the Essence of the Upanishads, the Science of Brahman, the Scripture of Yoga, the Dialogue between Sri Krishna and Arjuna, ends the tenth chapter, entitled:



46One possessed of unique power.
47Whirlwind among the forty nine wind gods.
48Gods of destruction.
49Deities associated with Indra.
50Or Namasmarana - repetition of the holy names of God.
51Sacred peepul tree.
52The snake used as a rope for churning the Ocean of Milk.
53The thousand-hooded snake on which Narayana rests.
54Gambling of cheats-Every manifestation of power, glory, or intelligence comes from the Lord. It may be distorted if the medium of manifestation is wicked or unrighteous.