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Amma's Disciplines for Sacred Living
The Creed

My Children

My Children, Follow the code of non-violence.  Our four-legged brethren are our friends, not our food.  Mantain a sattvic diet (vegan).

My Children, Always speak the Truth.  The tongue is the abode of the Divine.  Be responsible for what you create in this earthly plane.

My Children, All of creation is Mother's Family.  All creatures earthly and spiritual are our siblings.  Pray for them and their liberation ceaselessly.

My Children, Do not take anything personally.

My Children, Always leave a room in better condition then when you came into it, to uplift the next person who enters.

My Children, Greet each person you meet with a genuine smile from your heart.

My Children, Always look a  person directly in the eyes, for there you will find God looking back at you.

My Children, Find no fault in others.  Look for the problem within yourself and value the lesson.

My Children, Study the scriptures.

My Children, Do the rites for God as best you know how.

My Children, Sing God's praises.

My Children, Become God's Servant.

My Children, Know that each person and event in your life is God coming to you in that form to teach you something.  If you do not learn the lesson, it will repeat itself.

My Children, Give more than you take.

My Children, Be humble.

My Children, Simply your life.

My Children, To each person that passes in your mind, say, "Bless you Holy Mother, Bless you Holy Father!"  If you can not figure the sex of the person, inwardly say, "Bless you, Great Lord and Lady!"

My Children, Forgive yourselves.  When you stumble in this life, pick yourself up, brush yourself off, lift your head high and smile.

My Children, Give up nothing.  Let it fall away of its own accord.  Then in the future you will not resent yourself.

My Children, Be kind to all forms of life.

My Children, Look for God inside of you.

My Children, Find a form of God and fall in Love with your Chosen One.

My Children, Always repeat the sacred names of God.

My Children, Watch your breath.  Do not struggle with it.  As it comes in, fill yourself with peace.  As it goes out, allow it to carry away pain and suffering.

My Children, Ask yourself, "Who AM I?" and continue to ask, giving your mind no rest, for it gives you none.

My Children, Do not do anything for reward, but do it for the pleasure of Being and Doing.

My Children, Always be at your best at all times as you live in the NOW.

My Children, Never cease to be amazed that you exist.

My Children, Know that you are not your body, but rather, it is a tool to be used, enjoyed, and cared for.

My Children, Be fearless.

My Children, Know that you are not many but one.

My Children, Know that you are not a human but that you are Divine.

My Children, Follow your bliss.