Channels of Thought and Feeling

The release of the sacred seed into the woman during sexual intercourse establishes, through the first chakra, a connecting psychic astral tube which can be clearly seen on the astral plane. It is through this psychic tube that desires, feelings and even telepathic messages can be passed from one to another. This connecting tube is generally about six inches in diameter.

A man and woman touching in other ways--kissing, embracing--also establishes a temporary connecting link of astral matter which penetrates their auras and completely covers their forms. This is sometimes called the great magnetism, for it appears in the Second World as a psychic mass connecting the two of them as wide as the length of their bodies. This astral matter is created from the diverse expulsion of emotional energies, blending their auras together.

This psychic channel is magnetic enough to repeatedly pull them back together or cause emotional pain if they are separated. But unless the encounter is repeated, the astral matter will wear away in three or four days, a month at the most. In this way, touching or caressing someone of the opposite sex causes an abundant release of magnetic force to occur.

Now, because of promiscuity, masses of people are connected one to another in this way. A great bed of astral matter envelops them as they go from one to another. This causes the forces of intense fear to persist. From an inner perspective, their soul bodies are obscured by this astral matter and it is most difficult for those living in the Devaloka to contact anyone on the earth plane who is thus involved. Such individuals must fend for themselves without protection from the Devaloka or the Sivaloka, as do the animals who do not have benefit of the intellect to guide their actions.

It is the brahmachari's duty to be the channel of the three worlds. In this way he can help stabilize humanity through the Kali Yuga so that the forces of promiscuous desire do not blot out our culture, creativity and all connection with the Sivaloka. This is why the sadhana of brahmachariya is so extremely important for each unmarried Saivite to understand and observe.


1. The connections among the population appear as a great web on the astral plane.

2. The brahmachari's duty is to be a channel for spiritual energies.

Align Yourself With the Inner Worlds

As a brahmachari or brahmacharini you must endeavor to hold the force of the Sivaloka and the Devaloka in line with the higher forces of the Bhuloka, the earth plane. This happens naturally through the transmutation process and living a contemplative life. Regular personal sadhana and non-involvement in the emotional nature of others is the practice to be observed.

A great aid to the accomplishment of this is to invoke Lord Siva daily. Then the higher chakras open within your psychic body. Peace of mind comes unbidden and bliss flows forth from your aura for all to feel.

Regular puja invoking the assistance of Lord Muruga will also greatly aid in a premature banishing of connections with the external world and in severing the tubular connections with inhabitants in it. When Lord Muruga is reached through your puja, He will also give wisdom and the divine understanding of the transmutation process.


Each person is born in a full state of brahmachariya. Upon reaching puberty, those boys and girls who remain virgins maintain the inherent state of brahmachariya. They are are able to ward off, and may not even notice, many emotional and sexual temptations that would be troublesome to the non-virgin. This is because the psychic shield surrounding the virgin's aura has never been penetrated.

They are the ones "who walk in the rain without getting wet, sit long in the sun without getting burned." They are the ones for whom reading about worldly experiences nurtures only their curiosity, whereas had they established psychic tubular connections with a member of the opposite sex, the reading would nurture a much deeper sexual desire. It is the virgins performing brahmachariya sadhana since puberty who can, if they persist, live in "Brahm," or God, consciousness most of the time, even without performing intense sadhanas. This is because they have never consciously entered into world consciousness. Instead they look out into it as if through a veil.


1. The virgin is far less vulnerable to the tugs and pulls of worldliness.

2. Brahmachariya is returning to, or remaining in, the "Brahm" state.

The Sacred Fluids of Procreation

An occasional loss of the reproductive fluids does not "break" or interrupt brahmachariya sadhana, though this should be avoided and is minimal when the brahmachariya sadhana takes hold. If one does have a "wet dream," this should not cause undue concern. Rather, this should be regarded as simply the natural release of excess energy. The brahmachari or brahmacharini should simultaneously resolve to work more diligently in guiding the flow of thought through the day.

It is only sexual intercourse between a man and a woman that breaks brahmachariya sadhana, causing an astral umbilical-like psychic cord about six to twelve inches wide to form in the inner ether between them. It is within this psychic tube that the forces of energy and desire flow from one to another. These are the same forces between mother and father which culminate in the birth of a child and surround and protect him or her through earthly consciousness until age twenty-five.


The psychic connection between mother and father emotionally stabilizes all children of the family. But if there are other tubes involved due to pre-marital promiscuity or new ones being created with members of the opposite sex outside of the home, the children suffer emotionally while growing up. The unleashed forces of instinctiveness may often cause them to be disturbed or frustrated.

As a child grows to maturity, he detaches himself year by year from the connection between his father and mother. The detachment is complete by the age of twenty-five. But if the son (or daughter) develops a psychic/astral tube with a member of the opposite sex before this age, he disconnects from his father and mother immediately. From that time onward he no longer relates to them in the same way as he once did. Through the sexual act, he now has "left home" and entered the world. The mother and father can feel the difference and so can the son.


1. The ties between husband and wife create the psychic environment of the home, giving rise to children and influencing their growing up.

2. A child's primary psychic connection with parents generally wears away by age 25.

Walk Away From Temptation

Virgins also have strong temptations with the opposite sex from time to time, especially if they meet former spouses from past lives. Unless a strict understanding of brahmachariya is observed, these encounters with past-life lovers may move their fluids and emotions to the point of intercourse.

Each parent should explain to their children at an early age the importance of remaining virgin brahmachariya until married. They must be taught that the elations and the depressions that follow from disciplining oneself are a part of life on this planet. They can be gently but firmly taught the practice of mentally and physically "walking away" from temptation.

In most cultures, from primitive to advanced, young people are taught to postpone sexual fulfillment for some time. During this waiting time, sexual tension increases and when it does not get released, it gets transformed into a more complex social awareness which has been awakened by the desire.


Learning to walk away from a situation in dignity is more effective than almost anything else in protecting the brahmachari and the brahmacharini from the overpowering temptation to allow their sacred power to flow out to those of the opposite sex. Walking away from temptation, mentally, emotionally and physically, is so easy to remember, so easy to practice. Teach it to the children. Practice it yourself. And through the grace of Lord Siva a new generation of knowledgeable people will walk the path to His Holy Feet.

To consciously understand the functions of the physical body as against an educated subconscious knowing of the emotional unit, coupled with a subsuperconscious cognition of the mind as an object, is the result of
transmutation--the essence of raja yoga.



1. Virgins also experience temptation & should be clearly taught the value of chastity.

2. The technique of "walking away" is a simple key to overcoming temptation that anyone can practice.

Be True to Your Higher Self

If you are having trouble staying out of astral situations with members of the opposite sex at night during sleep, ask yourself where you keep your awareness through the day. For example, if you are watching TV and a provocative scene comes on the screen, what is your reaction? Are you unwittingly programming your subconscious to seek sexually stimulating input? Boys: do you view all young women as sisters and older women as mothers? Girls: do you view all young men as brothers and older men as fathers?

It may surprise you to know that sex is primarily mental. From impressions in the conscious or subconscious, subtle desires arise in the mind through imagination. Imagination gives rise to excitement. Then, from the mental images follow sexual irritation, sexual craving. The path to controlling the sexual nature, therefore, is the control of the mind or control of desire. Desire is the force that drives humanity onward and through all phases of the mind. By changing our desires, we change our life. By changing our life, we change those around us.


It is when a devotee allows himself to go against his vrata that his forces begin to become congested. This is because it is difficult to lift awareness out of the denser areas of consciousness once entered, they are so magnetic. It takes far less effort and mental pain if one does not enter into them in the first place. Naturally, you must be strong and firm-minded. Strength of mind comes from knowing what YOU want. It comes from taking charge of your forces rather than letting them take charge of you. There are many helpful practices:


1. Be patient and diligent in your brahmachariya sadhana.

2. Be honest with yourself.

A Transmutation Technique

Occasionally during meditation or at other times, you may find that awareness tends to drift to the area of the sex organs, and sexual arousal may be experienced. Do not be alarmed if this occurs. Remain relaxed. Do not think that this is in any way wrong or unhealthy. In fact, sexual excitation and sexual fantasies are to be expected occasionally during the early stages of meditation.


If this occurs, begin repeating AUM in an easy, rhythmical way. Feel the body from within, then bring the attention gently to rest at the center of sexual excitation at the base of the spine. Breath in gradually, and as you breath in, move awareness slowly and steadily up the length of the spine to the base of the skull and into the head. Visualize white energy being drawn up the spine as you inhale.

Exhale gently; smoothly moving awareness down the front of the forehead, down the chest and stomach to a spot about two inches behind and slightly below the navel. When the exhalation is complete, contract the diaphragm slightly further, pulling it up and back as if you were expelling the last bit of air from the lungs. Then return awareness to the base of the spine and repeat the process, inhaling while drawing awareness up the spine and exhaling as you move awareness downwards.

See the energy moving upward as you inhale. As you exhale, allow that energy to remain in the head. With each new breath, bring more energy up into the spine and head. Repeat this procedure several times. This is a practice which you can perform not only during meditation, but anytime sexual arousal occurs. It is a wonderful way of consciously transmuting the vital energies.

But remember, consistency is the key. Do not indulge in sexual fantasies or lustfully watching members of the opposite sex. If you do, you are only teasing the instinctive mind and making your brahmachariya sadhana more difficult for yourself. Keep the mind fully occupied with your studies and religious work.


1. Avert sexual thoughts with divine thoughts.

2. Follow the simple transmutation technique when arousal occurs.

The Kundalini Force

Realize that the powerful life energy being expressed through sexual arousal is the same life energy or kundalini which will propel you inward during meditation into refined and blissful states of consciousness. When used wisely, it becomes the essence of artistry, intellectual discovery, creativity and spiritual awakening. When abused it brings attachment, confusion and lethargy. It is a pure form of energy, there to be directed as is your will.

When one becomes steadfast in abstention from incontinence, one acquires spiritual energy.


When channeled into sexual union, this potent force lends its power to procreation, to the bearing and raising of children. It is very magnetic and generates in a man and a woman the power to not only have children but to rear and provide for them. When directed inward through brahmachariya, this same power awakens inner faculties and gives birth to a deeply religious and spiritual life. It gives greater energy to creative ideas and expression than ever before.

The kundalini energy within the body must flow. It flows either outward toward external objects or inward through the more refined states of consciousness. These energies must be systematically rechanneled from outer to more subtle expression. The secret lies in conscious and subconscious redirection or transmutation. Then, instead of being dissipated, the sacred reproductive fluids can be reabsorbed into the bloodstream and their energy drawn up the spine. As these fluids are reabsorbed into the bloodstream, their concentrated force feeds the seven chakras, bringing a more creative and abundant life. This is accomplished through following the tenets of our religion and performing sadhana on a regular basis as described in this course. The secret is in physical and mental control. The understanding of these laws of brahmachariya and transmutation is a tremendous control, in and of itself.


1. Sexual arousal is an expression of the pure energy within you.

2. This energy is available to use as your will directs.

3. Preserving and concentrating this force promises a fuller and more abundant life.

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