by M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

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Amin. Amin. May we surrender all responsibiliity to God, the limitless Ruler of grace and incomparable love. Amin.May our life, its exaltedness, the good times and the bad be His responsibility. Amin.May He be responsible for our birth, our life, and our death, and for the good and evil we do. May He alone be responsible for the exaltedness of our life, for the grace that will take away our sorrow, and for the duty that will make us grow and bring us to the other shore. Amin.

My very precious children, jeweled lights of my eyes, fellow beings who are the life within my life, the source of my eyes' light, my loving children who melt my heart, I give you my loving greetings. May God comfort us and give us His grace. Amin.Let God alone be responsible for everything in our life and for its splendor. May He nurture us on the true path. May He feed us His good qualities and give us His grace, His treasure, His limitless wealth. May He feed us the milk of His love and pour the honey of His grace into us. May He show us the light of wisdom and teach us to understand the secrets of the three worlds. May He show us the straight true path. May He grant us His grace and embrace us with the wealth of His grace. Amin.

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My loving children, my jeweled lights, consider the world, this earth. We have lands and oceans, jungles and huge mountains. There are places where you can farm, places where you cannot, and places where the soil is rich but of no use because it has not been cultivated. Some earth is salty, some is red, and some is black or various other colors. Brass, copper, iron, sulphur, oil, and precious gems are all found in the earth, but they cannot be found everywhere. There are rocks everywhere, but not precious gems. Water is everywhere, but in some places it is not at the surface. You might find water where none is evident if you dig very deep, but you have to make a great effort to reach it. There is no place without earth, without water, without air, without fire, or without illusion. The elements exist in the earth, in the skies, in the seven lower worlds, and in the seven heavens above. But precious gems, my children, do not exist everywhere.

Earth is found everywhere, but can we grow crops just anywhere? Water is everywhere, but can we drink just any water? Air is everywhere, but can we inhale just any air? Fire is everywhere, but can we use fire just anywhere? Illusions are found in abundance everywhere, but do we accept them all? There is land everywhere, but can we build a house just anywhere? No, we cannot.

My very precious children, these things are all available, but we must know which crop will grow in which soil and what kind of fertilizer is needed. We must know where we can find gems, where the oil is, where the lead is, the copper, the gold, iron ore, silver, mercury, and sulphur. We must examine the earth to discover which stones contain gems, we must examine the world to discover which water will quench our thirst, and we must analyze the air we breathe to know which gases are beneficial or essential.

This is the way we have to search for God too. We have to scrutinize the gurus and sheikhs we meet. We have to discover where the wisdom we need exists, what sort of wisdom can be found where, and what wisdom truly is. Just as it is necessary to find the correct place for whatever we need to do, we must also find the place where we can discover that which is of true value, the place from which we can reach God and acquire His qualities, His treasure, and His wisdom. My very precious children, we must examine all this.

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There are millions of gods which take the name of God, millions of religions which take the name of God, and millions of languages and histories which claim to speak in God's name. So many people put on different robes, clothing, and emblems in God's name. Many such things have been brought into existence in God's name, but on this farm, this world where everything is available, we must cultivate our crops. We must cultivate the land and examine the soil to know which crops will grow. We must find the land that we can live on and build our house, and we must find water which is drinkable. We must think about all these things.

My children, if you need a well, you might have to dig two to find one with good water. And you might have to dig twenty, forty, one hundred, or even one thousand feet just to find two springs. If those springs are good, the water will well up continually. If they are not, either your well will dry up very soon or the water level will drop in one season and rise in another. But if you dig your well in the correct place which is not affected by the changing seasons, water will always be available. You have to dig the well in the right place.

There is endless water in the ocean, but can we drink it? No we cannot. The water in the ocean never diminishes but it is not drinkable. Similarly, there is so much water in a lake, but if you just boldly walk in, you may drown. And after all your digging, can the amount of water in a well compare with the amount in a pond? No, but the pond water contains germs, dirt, and fungi. You cannot drink it directly; it has to be cleaned first, because so many things are mixed in it. Once you examine it, you will discover all the dirt and the stench in that pond. Then how can we drink its water? We have to filter it first.

My very precious children, the world is within us. Just as there are different kinds of water, there are different kinds of knowledge. You will find religions, scriptures, and philosophies as deep as the ocean. There are languages as vast as the ocean. There are so many different alphabets--Hebrew, Arabic, English, or Telugu, for example--and so many countless languages, like Greek, Kerandhum, Pali, Urdu, Hindi, Waduhu, Bengali, and so on. There are many, many languages, but can we benefit from them? Can we see God through these letters? Can we see God through the words we learn? Can we know God through any of our races even though they are as vast as the ocean? Although the earth is everywhere, can we plant crops anywhere? No we cannot. Can we inhale any air indiscriminately? If we breathe the air coming from a toilet, we will fall ill. It is air, but we cannot breathe it. Fire is everywhere, but if we try to confine every fire into one place, it will burn us up. Can we bake bread anywhere? Can we dig a well or find a spring just anywhere? No we cannot.

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My very precious children, we see countless things every day which are of no benefit to us. Do we acquire wisdom through the alphabet? If we study Hebrew do we acquire wisdom? Do we acquire wisdom through Arabic or English? Do we merge with God? No, we cannot achieve that state through languages. They are like the waters of the ocean, salty and incapable of quenching thirst. None of them can benefit us; none of this water can be used to cultivate a good crop.

Can we reach God with race, religion, color, prejudice, and discrimination? Can we grow a true crop of wisdom through such channels? No we cannot. Only after examining the soil can we determine where to grow which crop. Only after examining the water can we determine whether it is pure. We have to examine each place to determine its shortcomings and then find a healthy, clean environment in which to live and build our house.

This is why we have to consider everything and examine each condition. It is essential and urgent to analyze each little detail. We have everything. We have all these languages, yet languages, colors, and words--this kind of cultivation is of no use to us. Books and stories, like the waters of the ocean, are of no use to us. We cannot grow that crop of wisdom with these.

Cells, viruses, energy, mercury, sulphur, gold, and silver are all found in many different places, but who knows where? Only God knows, because He is the only One who does not need any of these. He does not need gold, He does not need gems or mercury, He does not need anything, and that is why He knows everything that exists everywhere. The One who needs nothing knows everything; the One who has discarded everything perceives everything. He knows every bit of the earth and the seas. He knows every language, all the scriptures, religions, colors, races, metals, and gold. He knows all about them, but He does not want them. He has pushed all these away and does not even think about them. He does not try to acquire these things. He takes no interest in our languages, our colors, our racial prejudice, our gold, titles, honors, or knowledge. He is not interested in our praise or blame, in our earnings, our wealth, or our histories. He has discarded all this. And because He has discarded everything, He is complete everywhere.

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My precious children, jeweled lights of my eyes, from the time you are one month old until you are a year and a half or two years old you speak many, many different languages. You speak the languages of all God's creations, yet your parents do not understand or pay attention. Until they teach you to understand their own language, they do not understand yours; it is completely incomprehensible to them.

An infant speaks a thousand languages when he says, "Aaah, mmmnn." He knows every language, but although his parents spoke that way too at one time, they have forgotten. As the child grows, it learns the temporary language of the parents and forgets that original one. The parents teach their child, "We are Arabic. We are Hebrew. We are Telugu. We are English." They teach these temporary languages and the original one leaves. The child acquires the separation of 'you' and 'I', and is taught the relationships of my father, my uncle, my grandfather.

Well, my children, even though we study many languages, they are of no use to us at all. We knew them once before as children and forgot them. Each language is spoken in a specific place. Birds have their languages, all the animals have their languages. Bees have their own language, as do rats, deer, monkeys, men, and donkeys. The child knows and speaks them all. Who taught him this? The child speaks that nonspecific language which is found throughout the world. All God's creations speak this language. The whole world is within the child: the different gases, all those languages, gold, gems and the light of those gems. Grace, beauty, light, and God are inside him too. Everything exists in totality within the child. Even heaven and hell are within him. He must start to examine all these things.

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If a child could retain that original speech, he would speak a universal language which everyone understands. And because he could speak everyone's language, he would have no sense of differences. He would think of all lives as his own. Everyone would be his brother or sister. He would trust everyone and love everyone. He would show compassion to every living creature, because he would speak their language and understand. Knowing that original language would enable him to do that. But because he has forgotten this and has learned a temporary language, he thinks, "I am great. This is my religion, that is your religion."

My very precious children, my jeweled lights, we have a world inside us, we have five different gases in us, we have desire which is illusion inside us, gold, mercury, and every conceivable thing. We have every language inside us. So what must we do? We must start by examining this earth within our hearts to discover which crops can be grown there, what kind of cultivation are we capable of, what can we cultivate that will be of use to us, which languages are we going to speak, which language can we use to invite God to us. We have to start digging into these things to understand them. We have to examine and analyze them to discover where the wisdom, the light, and the completeness originate. Once we sort and examine these things, we will discard everything that is not useful, just as God, knowing everything, discarded everything. Once He created everything, God discarded everything. He is humble and all-pervasive, doing His duty to everyone, everywhere. God does not take any of His creations for Himself. He has given up everything, yet He does His duty to everything. He wants no praise, He is neither selfish nor proud, He has no 'I', no 'you', He has none of this. He learned all there is to learn and then discarded it all.

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God knows every language and He has discarded them all. He knows every alphabet and He has let them all go. He has let everything go except for one point which is His. That one point is wisdom, and that one point connects us to God. He wants none of our literature or languages, He wants only that atom contained within our hearts. There is a connection between this atom and the mysterious power inside it. God has given up everything else, so what can He do with the languages you offer Him? He has given up literature, so why offer Him writings? He has given up gold, so why try to offer Him gold? He has given up precious gems, so why offer Him gems? What would He do with them? He has given up races, so what can He do with the race you offer Him? He has given up religions, so what can He do with the religion you offer Him? He has given up colors, so what can He do with the color you offer Him? He has given up praise, so what is the point in flattering Him? He has given up selfishness, so what can He do with the selfishness we give Him?

Can we reach that One who has given up countless objects by offering Him what He has discarded? We can never return to Him or merge with Him that way. God has none of that, yet He is complete within each thing He has given up. There is no place where God is not, there is nothing He does not see, nothing He has not created, no justice He has not determined, no life He has not fed. He feeds the grass, the weeds, the shrubs, the evil people, and those who are in hell. He feeds the food of hell to those who are in hell. He feeds the earth with earth. He feeds those who possess the truth with truth, those who have wisdom with wisdom, and those who have His grace with grace. To those who have surrendered to Him, He feeds Himself. He feeds the earth with earth, He feeds water with water, He feeds animals with animals, He feeds insects with insects, He feeds ants with ants, He feeds termites with termites, He feeds fish with fish, and He feeds His food to those who have surrendered to Him.

Each species or category in His creation is fed with the specific food God has reserved for it. That food becomes its own particular food. If we try to hang on to hell, He feeds us the things of hell. If we are arrogant He feeds us arrogance, if we are patient He feeds us patience, if we are wise He feeds us wisdom, if we are truthful He feeds us truth. Truth is the food of the truthful. Our wisdom is God's food, and God's grace is our food.

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We must investigate and analyze everything that happens, my precious children. Religion, philosophy, literature, color, race, and scriptures are of no use to us because God has none of that. We are all His children. He is the Father of all His creation. And because He is our Father, He feeds and nourishes us so that we may grow. He is the Father of the grass, the bushes, the sun, the moon, of everyone, of every life. There is only one Father for each and every creation, for each of His countless creations. He provides for them all without attachment. He gives them everything, but nothing He provides remains within Him. He does His duty to everything, but receives nothing from them in return.

My precious children, there is one point for which we must dig with our wisdom, our faith, our prayers, our worship, and our 'ibadat, our devotion. If we want to return to God and merge with Him, then we must examine ourselves and look for that point. We must discard everything from ourselves just as our Father did. The day we do this, we will merge with Him. When we no longer have these colors, races, religions, languages, and literatures inside us, we can meet Him. But if instead, we bundle together the things He has discarded and offer them to Him, He will not accept them. He will throw them away. He threw these things away before and He will throw them away again. If we offer Him our languages, He will throw them away. If we offer Him our colors, He will throw them away. If we offer Him our races, He will throw them away. If we offer Him our gold or our illusion, He will throw them all away. None of these are of use to us.

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If we try to profit from the languages we have learned, from the knowledge we have acquired, from our religion or race, nothing will come of it, because God has no use for anything selfish. He does not fight, He has no prejudice, no arrogance, no anger. He does not discriminate. He has no ego. He has none of this. And now that we have separated ourselves from the One who has none of these attributes, how can we return to Him? By imbibing His qualities of patience, tolerance, and tranquillity, and putting them into action. We can come close to God through His qualities. When our wisdom develops and our determination accepts His treasures, we will know God. Until we have the wisdom to acquire that knowledge, our religions, races, and colors will only end in a battle which will destroy our nation, the world, our life, and our birth. That battle will destroy our compassion, our patience, our unity, and our family. This war will destroy our connection to that One God.

It is very difficult to reach God if we have all these wars going on inside. With our devotion in that state, with our faith in that state, with our prayer, meditation, and worship in that state, we can never return to God because He has no battlefield, no armies, no discrimination, no prejudice. He does not notice whether someone is black or white. He gave us the original languages we spoke earlier. Everyone speaks those languages; earth, fire, water, air, and ether all speak those languages. There is a musical note in the air, "Aahaahaahaah." You hear those sounds in the air don't you? "Oohoohoohooh." You can hear that sound in water, can't you, and " Shhhhhhhhhh," the sound in fire. You can hear these sounds in the earth when it quakes, erodes, and resounds, and in the sky when lightning appears and it thunders. All those colors are found in the ether, in maya. All these things are visible, they all exist, do they not? But we cannot go to God with the things we see around us, with the things which exist everywhere.

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We have water within us, and fire, and earth, and air. We have ether, colors, and illusions within us. We all have all of this. None of it has left any of us. So what basis do we have for discrimination and prejudice? Satan is in our bile. We all have black dots in our pupils, some have black hair, and some wear black clothes. Everything exists within us. If we want to fight, we have to fight parts of our self first. We have to fight our liver, we have to fight our nostrils. Every color is inside us, blue, black, green, and we have to fight them first. Once we finish those wars, that will most certainly be the end. But if we keep all that inside us, what is the point in fighting on the outside and discriminating against others on the basis of language? Some people feel nauseated when they hear Arabic. Others feel sick when they hear Hebrew, others when they hear English or Tamil or Telugu. Why should these languages make people feel sick? When you retch that way only your own gut comes out. The nauseated person is the one who suffers. As long as we retain whatever makes us feel that nausea, we will experience pain.

Why should we carry our houses on our heads? Enter your house when you need to and come back out again. Do your work, sleep, or sit there, but why should you carry it around? God does not have a house, does He? True knowledge is understanding all this. It will come when you begin to analyze things, when a good crop grows inside you, when the strength of wisdom grows in you, and when you begin to surrender. What does surrender mean? Does it mean going away somewhere to die? No, it is the state in which our qalb, our innermost heart, joins with God's in perfect faith, saying, "0 my God, none of these actions are mine, everything I do belongs to You. There is no place where You are not. All my suffering begins with not seeing You. All my suffering begins with holding on to things inside myself that You do not keep inside You. 0 God, take everything away from me that You have removed from Yourself. I need nothing other than your path. Everything I have which You do not causes me such sorrow, suffering, pain, woe, and misery. It is hell. 0 God, please remove from me those things that are not in You, whatever they may be. 0 my Father, please accept me, and let everything inside me fall away. " That is surrender.

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It is our duty to surrender all responsibility to God. Nothing else will do us any good. When will you begin to acquire wisdom? When will you see God? When will you merge with your Father? You will never return to Him through literature, languages, or other such things. You will never find God with the things you keep inside. Discard everything which is not within our Father, and try to bring Him only those things He has in Himself. All the languages you studied, whatever language you pray in, all this is like the salt water of the ocean which can never quench your thirst. You perceive it as water, yet you cannot even bathe in it. The only thing it is good for is to relieve the itching of your body. Salt water is very useful for those who have itching bodies. It is good for the itch of your mind. It is good for illusion or maya which keeps itching to go to the seashore, but it cannot help us come to our Father. To do that we must acquire His qualities and wisdom. Anything else is like the ocean water which will never quench our thirst. All the religions, racial, doctrinal, and linguistic wars, all the fighting because of our birth or our death will never be of any use to us in a million years, because none of these things are found with our Father.

We must analyze ourselves and find God within us. We must have His wisdom. Just as we extract electricity from water, we must take the light from that light of God, take the grace from His grace, extract our Father from our Father. This is what we have to take from Him. This is the most important thing we have to do. That point must merge with that point. Everything else can be discarded. We must think about this.

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Precious jeweled lights of my eye, we must come to that place where there is firm determination, wisdom, and prayer, where the Father and His children are together as one. We should think about this. Until that state emerges within us, our knowledge is like a mirage, and all the languages and everything else we have learned in our life is like oil poured on fire. Our knowledge is like oil poured on fire, useless because it will burn. Our actions are like oil poured into hell, like throwing all the decent things we sought in our lives into hell. This is what it is like in hell. Precious jeweled lights, all our flattery, honors, positions, ego, religions, races, writings, and battles are oil poured into hell. Discriminating between this one and that one, between us and them, discriminating on the basis of color--all this is fuel for hell. When you pray with these things, you pray with the oil of hell.

My very precious children, think about this. We have to look within ourselves to see our Father here, within our hearts. We must have God's qualities here in the place where He lives, because the qualities of our Father are here. God's actions must be performed here because He acts here in our hearts. God's light must enter our hearts, and we must bring that light-explanation into action in our hearts. His grace, His treasure, and His house must be built in our hearts. Only then will He live there. This work must be performed here in the heart. We must realize this point for He will let everything else go. This is His point, this is His light which is connected to us. This point is a light, a treasure which exists in everything.

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Prayers that come from the heart and actions that come from the heart go directly to Him. Nothing else will be of any use to you at all, my very precious children. Knowledge that does not come from your heart, knowledge or the ability to speak is of no use to you--no matter what you may acquire in the world. Even if with great difficulty you should learn to meditate, or even if you find a spring, your well will run dry when the weather turns warm. When there is a lot of rain and snow the water level will rise, but in hot, sunny weather, your well will go dry. There will be no spring and no water. That kind of knowledge is easy, just saying something is easy, that kind of action is easy, that kind of meditation is easy, like finding springs on the surface of the earth. But you must understand that in the next season the water level will drop and all of these things will be useless. Your knowledge will be useless, your languages, your meditation and your wisdom will be useless. Everything will leave you.

You must find that deep, true spring which is eternal. You must discover the spring which will supply you with water for countless seasons, eternally. And you must distinguish this spring from the springs which rise and fall seasonally. To come to that eternal spring we must go deep, right to that original point, to God. When we reach that point, three springs will appear from which the water will flow eternally. You can never lose that treasure because what comes from those springs is God's point. God has discarded everything else. Only His grace will flow from there, eternally.

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Precious children, jeweled lights of my eyes, we must think about this. None of the things God has discarded are of any use to us. What we hold onto is the oil which is the fuel for the fire of hell. Our prayers, our worship, our learning, titles, and honors are all merely the oil used to keep the fires burning in hell. Therefore, try very hard to dig deep and find the place which connects you to your Father.

When will we reach that point? When will we have tranquillity? When will we have peace? When will we discard all the things that are not our Father? Only when we have abandoned all these fights over language and all these religious battles, only then will we receive that treasure from God. My very precious children, my jeweled lights, this treasure is called wisdom. It is called grace. We must find that place and release those springs which will flow with the grace of our Father, the grace of His light and His wisdom.

Precious children, nothing else will be of any use to us. What point is there in working hard for anything else? That is inviting the very disease which will destroy us. We must discard these things, my children, and go on the path to God. We must try very hard to find that one true place. That will be good, my children.

My love to you. Amin. Amin. I give my love to all my children. My love and my greetings. If there is any fault in what I have said, please forgive me. My love.

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