by M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

     The Book of God's Love Cover                    Eternal Youth  

Amin. O God, You are peace. Amin. May You grant us peace with Your grace. Amin. O God, You are limitless grace and incomparable love, You give us the never-ending wealth of grace, You are our Father. How can we ever praise You? You who have no equal, You who cannot be compared with any visible example, how can we ever praise You? You are that boundless love and grace.
O God, You accept love as love without accepting praise as praise. How can we return Your love and Your compassion, O God? What can we do in return for Your love, Your duty, and Your actions undertaken without the slightest attachment or partiality?

Allah, exalted be Your name. O God, You fill each heart so full, and no matter how much we take, You are not diminished by even one drop. 0 God, You are the ocean of love, the ocean of wealth and grace, the ocean of good actions, qualities, and duties, aspect after aspect, each infinite and limitless. Even if each creation fills the vessel of its heart with You, Your qualities, actions, goodness, compassion, and virtue remain full forever. They are not diminished by even a single drop.

Almighty One, ever complete in His duty, Ill-Alahu, You are God, the One who is alone, who has no hunger, who was never born, who has no illness, no desire, no maya, no mind, no confusion, the One who is life within all life, doing His duty for every life in His creation. 0 my Rabb, my Lord, mighty and pure, You are my Creator, the One who is complete perfection. My Father, with what tongue can we praise You? Can this tongue ever be sufficient? My God, may You bless us with the full and perfect way to worship You. Amin.

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My very precious children, jeweled lights of my eyes, born with me as the body within my body, children born as the life within my life, my precious children who are the light of my eyes, my very precious children who comfort me as the heart within my heart, my loving children who are the one true life among the six kinds of lives in God's creation, my precious children, may God protect and sustain us. Amin. May God protect us, dispel our inner darkness, and fill us with the resplendent light of His grace. Amin. May He bless us with the fullness of His qualities and actions which have neither comparison nor equal. Amin.

My very precious children, let us speak further about the language and qualities of the child. My precious children, when a baby emerges from its mother, it cries, "Amma, Amma!" That sound gladdens the mother's heart and brings joy to all those nearby. Isn't it a sound which makes everyone want to pick up the child and kiss it? Isn't it a sound which makes everyone happy? Does it make people cry? Certainly not. In fact, the same kind of sound is also made by sheep, by cows, and by many other animals. No matter what language you speak, that sound brings coolness, comfort, and gladness to the heart. Even though a mother may suffer and scream in pain and torment, even though she may come close to death when giving birth, as soon as she hears the sound of the baby's cry, she is soothed, she forgets all her pain, and her heart is comforted. She lifts the child to her heart, embraces it, and kisses it as soon as she hears that sound.

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In just the same way God is both our Father and our Mother. How much pain He suffers to deliver us from this world of ignorance, from this world of sin, this world of karma, this world of anger! He has such a heavy burden to endure. Indeed, He carries all our burdens for us, and He shares all our suffering and torment in this world. He shares our pain and suffers the burden of carrying us. When we emerge from this world of the five elements, this world of desire, mind, karma, anger, jealousy, and arrogance which all try to swallow us, if we say, "Amma," or, ''My Father, my God!'' that sound immediately soothes Him. It brings coolness and comfort, not only to God, our Father, but to all living creatures. They want to gather us to their hearts, to kiss and embrace us. Even if we have committed so many faults, so many sins, and caused so much suffering, even if we live forgetting our Father who is God, even if we despise God, even if we deny the existence of God, even if we scold God, see how tolerant He is. He continues to do His duty no matter what we do. Even though our parents may forget us, God comes to help and protect us no matter where we are. We must understand how God protects us. If we understand that, we will know how He lives with us, always helping and protecting us. We will realize ourselves and Him.

My very precious children, a newborn child speaks so many languages, but it is not understood by its mother or father or even by those who are profoundly learned. The little ones speak millions of languages--the language of the crane, the dog, the cat, the monkey, the languages of man--yet the only ones who can understand are other babies. In the first year and a half of life, an infant runs the gamut of all languages and sounds. The monkey is inside, man is inside, the entire world is there inside the baby. It speaks the language of jinns, fairies, angels, gnanisand the language of God. It speaks every language, even the rustling of the ant, the buzzing of the mosquito, and the humming of the bees. The baby speaks all their languages and is a friend to every creature--the birds are its friends and it plays happily with them, even the snake is its friend. This universal language makes the baby everyone's friend. It has no prejudice and it makes no distinctions of color or whatever.

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No matter where we take a baby, it knows the language of God. Others may not comprehend, but God understands. God hears the baby's voice, and every voice that floats on the wind is understood by the baby. Unity understands, compassion understands, the child understands, and all other beings understand these languages. Man alone does not understand. Why is that? Because man has changed. Man has forgotten the language that others have not.

If two babies are brought together, they speak to each other; they make some kind of noise. They understand each other and become friends. No matter what part of the world they may come from, the two of them will start to play together. They become friends no matter what color they may be. Bring a baby from the east and leave it with a baby from the west, and they will talk in their common language; bring another baby from the north or the south, and they will speak their common language. The baby understands every possible language because it understands unity, peace, happiness, and joy. That language is understood by the baby alone. It does not speak the temporary languages of the world which human beings have learned; instead it knows all the original languages and speaks with joy and happiness, without sorrow or suffering. All its languages bring unity and happiness, and the baby lives in and enjoys that unity.

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Because the baby knows the language of every living creature, it can speak to any life that comes near it. The baby even has a language to converse with God. Even if we have learned all the languages of the world, if we want to converse with God we must become a baby and learn that original language, the original words, the original unity, peace, and equality, the language we spoke when we were born, the language which the world cannot recognize. We can speak to God with this language, but our mothers and fathers will not understand it; religions, racial prejudice, philosophies, scriptures, and literature will not comprehend. That language will not be understood by any knowledge that has been nurtured in the world. The world will look upon us as dreaming, blind men who cannot describe what they see. The language we spoke when we were babies is understood only by our Father who is God and by those who live in peace and equality.

When we speak this language, when we discover that equality, that peace, that justice, that unity, and that exalted state, when we are like babies, when we live as little children and behave as little children, what do we find? We find peace and tranquillity. We find the unity and love which embraces everyone. We may totter and fall while embracing each other, but we will do so in unity and love. This is the quality of our play as God's children--we play with Him, and He understands our language, our speech, and our wisdom. This is the language we can use to converse with God, our Father. These are the qualities we must have to live in His kingdom. This is His speech, these are His qualities, and this is the state in which He lives. We must acquire that state in this world. We must embrace all lives as our own life and look after every living creature as we look after ourselves, as does the baby who hands some of its food to another child or even takes food from its own mouth to give it to another. Just as babies live with these qualities in that state, we too can live with our Father if we have these qualities. This is the language He understands, this is the love He understands, this is the justice and the judgment He knows. If we have these qualities, we will understand the language we need to converse with Him.

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My very precious children, that is what we call being a baby, being a little child. My very precious children, we must learn this language and acquire the good qualities and the happiness of this language. We must understand the clarity, the meaning, and the peace of this language. My precious children, the state we call infancy is a state in which we try to reach God's state, try to learn everything from God, to acquire the qualities of God, to be one with God, and to know ourselves.

We must keep on being students, learning. As long as we remain students, we are prepared to learn. As long as we live in peace, happiness, and unity, as long as we live as one race, as long as we live in harmony and unity, we can call ourselves little babies. The feeling of '1' will have left us, ego will have left, selfishness will have left, and any sense of difference or prejudice will have left. Vanity will be gone, anger will be gone, hatred will be gone, hastiness will be gone, and the sense of my race, your race, my religion, your religion will be gone. The feeling that my language and my writing are different from yours will be gone. Just as that little baby speaks all languages in unity, we must become students and try to understand the meaning of all the languages we spoke earlier. We must understand the truth and unity in that language, the equality and happiness we perceived in it. We must extract the meaning and explanation of everything we said during that time.

My precious children, if we do become students, discarding our selfishness, our pride and vanity, our anger, the discrimination among languages and all the temporary things we learned, then we can really begin to learn. As long as we remain students, we will never grow old. As long as we are prepared to learn we will stay young, never aging. But the moment we say, "I have studied and I know," we begin to grow old. As soon as we stop being a student, we begin to age. The moment we let ourselves be praised as an important person, we grow old. When we are vain and proud, we do not allow further learning. The moment we become a teacher instead of a student, we grow old. The moment we become a swami, our learning is finished. We grow old, the Angel of Death appears, and we have to face Judgment Day. The moment we stop being a student, we age, time passes, our intelligence disappears, all the benefits of our life retreat, and we are left to face our Judgment Day.

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My dear children, if we can remain as students, we will remain eternally young in the state of a baby. We will speak like a baby and grow in the protection of God, our Father. God will lift us up, embrace us, and speak to us. He understands that language, He understands that love, and He will feed us with the milk of His love. As long as we continue to learn we can dwell in the presence of God and be with Him. We will live in His presence, and it will become His duty to raise us. But the moment we become a teacher, praiseworthy, learned, a guru, a swami, we forfeit God's protection. Then what? The only thing left for us is the Angel of Death and satan instead of God. There is only hell for us after that, only maya, vanity, pride, anger, selfishness, all the praise and doubt of the world, all the treachery, deceit, trickery, and hypocrisy of saying things we do not feel. We are left with these qualities the moment we stop learning. This is hell.

If we stop learning, all the passion, anger, miserliness, envy, greed, fanaticism, arrogance, karma, maya, intoxicants, lust, murder, theft, and falsehood which left while we were learning will return to attach themselves to us again. Hell will come back to us and we will age. The Angel of Death is certain to follow, and our lives will be poured like oil onto the fires of hell. However, my precious children, as long as we are babies, as long as we are prepared to learn, we speak every language, we comprehend every language, and we are able to comfort every life. We are able to converse with every life, with the sparrows and all the birds, with cattle and goats, with snakes and scorpions. We can speak to all God's creations. As soon as they see these good qualities, God's love and His actions, as soon as they see that happiness, every creature will bow in obeisance. Birds and animals will bow down, and they will love us and come to play without fear.

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We must realize that it is in this state that we can live with God and that it is truth which understands the baby's language. Only if we are like babies do we remain young. Only then do we have a place in the kingdom of God, remaining eternally young, without death, without rebirth, without perishing or being destroyed. In that state, we are not governed by time and we are without want. We are that mystery, that secret which is the only secret, the only mystery, the only power which is God, our Father. We must realize this and think about it. No matter how much we study, we must resolve to continue learning. We must want to live with our Father and be one with our Father. We must love all lives as our own, love our neighbors and our brothers as ourselves, and comfort and show compassion to every living creature. When such qualities come into us, God will understand our language. He will hear our sounds, and He will understand our speech, our wisdom, our love, our unity, and our peacefulness.

My very precious children, youth is being a student. Youth is learning. It is a state of peace and equality, a state in which we can be one with our Father and live with our Father. Youth is a state in which God who is both our Father and our Mother never leaves us. He protects us and looks after us. If we could only think about this, my very precious children, and try to live in this state, understanding what this language means. We must try to understand and speak that language. Then God will understand. That is the baby's state, the student's state. We must be eternal babies and learn the language of heaven, the secrets of heaven, the secrets of God, God's qualities, His actions, and the wealth of His grace. We must learn the mystery that is God's. We must learn every aspect of His qualities and duties, everything about Him, everything He does. God speaks every language and feeds each of His creations according to its need. He speaks to each life and each creation. We, too, must learn to speak that language again.

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But when we do this the world will not understand. People with racial or color prejudice and people with religious bias will not understand. This language is not understood by the world or by worldly institutions. They will say, "We don't know what this baby is babbling about. He is talking unintelligibly. But never mind, let's show our love to him, pat him on the head, and move on." We can be certain that the language we use to talk to God will not be understood by the world. Our present state of ignorance, passion, and arrogance will not understand that language. Our envy, our racial and color prejudice, our fanaticism, our bigotry, and the knowledge we have acquired from books will not understand. Only when we become babies and continue to learn will we understand. This is the way to acquire eternal youth. If we remain as babies and keep learning, we will live in the presence of God, our Father. If we try to become wise, we will live with our Father and we will never leave Him, we will never need to say farewell. Then we will be able to speak to our Father, we will understand His language, and He will give us His commandments.

However, my dearest children, if we say, "I am great," or ''These are mine,'' if we proudly say, ''I have studied, I am a leader, I have status and influence, I have come to rule the world," then by praising ourselves we separate ourselves from God; we leave our Father and go to hell. As long as we stay with Him, we are a baby and a student, we have patience, equality, peacefulness, and tolerance. But if we leave that state, we pass into divisiveness, doubt, suspicions, the desire of satan, and the antics and pranks of the monkey-mind. We are fascinated by the hypnotic display of maya. It is a time of darkness when we desire earth, gold, and sensual pleasures, and we are divided from God, our Father. We must work hard to stay with Him, to be little children willing to learn, willing to ask our Father, willing to learn His language.

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My very precious children, jeweled lights of my eyes who are the life within my life, we must think about this. We are wasting our lives. Shouldn't we always be like little babies? Shouldn't we always stay with our Father? Shouldn't we remain with our Father, never leaving Him? The only time we have any happiness is when we are with Him. When we have understanding, we have unity and peace. Whether there is joy or sorrow, we live happily and harmoniously with everyone, speaking and understanding every language, realizing everything. That time of babyhood is eternal youth, when we have that beauty of the heart and body, that beauty of the face, the beauty of wisdom, and the beauty of unity, and everyone picks us up to embrace us with love.

We must not forfeit our youth and be transformed into an old age of vanity, pride, and qualities which are not God's. That is what old age is: the qualities of satan, a dark, black face, a face which speaks with envy and jealousy and reveals the qualities of the dog of desire and the monkey which makes us say what we do not feel inside. It is a hard, black, granite heart without compassion, riddled with holes where snakes live. God does not dwell in a place where there is so much darkness. God's qualities are like the baby's, but satan's qualities are those of pride. God's qualities, His language, and His speech bring comfort and peace. They display compassion for everyone. His language is the language of love, of grace and unity, the language which speaks to all creations, which plays with everyone and makes them happy. This is God's love. Satan's love is discrimination, differences, murder, separations, I am greater than you, I ain bigger than you, desire for praise, treachery, vengeance, the qualities of the lion, the tiger, and the bear, killing one another, eating another life. These divisive forces which attack and hurt others, these qualities of hell which tear others to bits and eat them, these qualities of fire which burn everything-- these are the qualities of satan, the qualities which point to the aging which points to death and burning in hell. These are the qualities which divide us from God.

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My very dear children, let us think about this separation from our Father. The secret of not separating from our Father is to remain a student, a baby who knows all languages. Those who are older are separated from that speech, from those good qualities, and from their Father. They have gone to hell. We must realize that there are endless secrets to be learned about our Father, about His limitless love, and about the infinite, undiminishing wealth of His grace. His mystery is far beyond our wisdom. There is so much to learn, so much to investigate within His mystery, His wealth, His grace, His infinite duties, and the joy of those duties. There is so much to see and learn. To learn all this we must be students, we must go on learning, we must remain as babies. As we become young and stay young, we acquire that beauty, and as we go on learning, the love of our Father grows inside us. As that love grows, He embraces us more and more. As He holds us closer, more of His light pours into us, and as that light pours into us, the darkness recedes and we receive the love of every creation. We must think about this.

Precious children, jeweled lights of my eyes, always keep trying to regain that eternal youth so that you can learn from God, our Father. He knows and understands your language. Learn that language which is your Father's; then you will understand Him. Let us remain eternally young through that common language and never leave our Father. The world will not understand, even our own father and mother will not understand. No one except God will comprehend that language, that secret, the secret of your prayers, the secret of your learning, the secret of the wealth of His grace, of unity, of peace, of equality, the secret of your life, the secret of your Father, the secret of never perishing, of never dying, of having no birth, no death, the secret of eternal youth. These are the secrets you will learn if you are eternally a student. These are secrets no one else knows.

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My very dear children, if you want to attain that state of peace and tranquillity, you must learn the language of God, your Father. He alone will understand; others will not. Let the world keep its books, its languages and separations. God does not understand the languages the world uses. The language spoken by one person is not understood by the next; this is the way of the world. Only satan can make sense of these divisive languages, but what a true student says is understood by God. Every child must think about this. My very precious children, jeweled lights of my eyes, if we do this as babies, if we reflect on this as babies, we will achieve the benefit of this birth, eternal youth, peace, and equality. Every child, please think about this.

Just as electricity is extracted from water, just as we breathe in a tiny magnetic bit from the air which sustains life, just as we discover precious gems buried in the earth, just as we take the light from the sun and draw the coolness of the moon through the ether, we must throw away the darkness of our desires and extract that tiny atom of God's grace and wealth. Just as we extract the essence of the five elements, earth, fire, water, air, and ether, we must extract peace from the body, compassion from God, and learning from His mystery. This is the way to understand with wisdom, the way to develop the wisdom which extracts the essence of each thing. We must use the wisdom we have to understand each thing, extract its essence, and learn from it. We must learn, my very precious children. We must take the necessary understanding from every book we read. We must take the point from every letter we look at. We must extract the essence of everything we see just as we extract and use the essence of the medicine we might take. Even if we are ill, we must discard the pain and take in only peace and understanding. In just this way, my very precious children, a little baby takes in only the point. Like that, we must take in that point of God's qualities from everything we see, extracting only the point and discarding everything else.

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Just as we are unable to understand what a baby says, the world does not understand what God says. Only those who are the right age can do that. When a baby speaks God hears, and when God speaks the baby understands. We must develop that embracing love, that peacefulness which has no selfishness. But only that point will understand, my dearest children, and that is called youth, eternal youth. Only then are we young. Only then are we students living with our Father as young children must.

We must remember, my precious children, if we stay in the presence of our Father our beauty will never fade, we will never age. Our sense of unity, of peacefulness, justice, duty, and righteousness will never leave us. As long as we have that beauty, we will never age and our bodies will never change or grow old. Please think about this, my very dear children. This is what we have to learn. This is what we have to extract and understand from all that we do. To understand this and to be students, we must begin to understand the language of God. We spoke it when we were infants, didn't we? That is the language that cools every heart. The words we used in the first year or two of life were God's language and God's qualities. We must transform ourselves into students of that age; only then will we understand the mysterious secret of God's wisdom, His qualities, and His actions.

My dearest children, be quite certain that as long as we fail to reach that state of babyhood we are divided from God and we are aging. We must not accept this aging that separates us from God. We must not take on those qualities that keep us from Him. Instead we should try to hold on to the youthfulness which keeps us with God and never separates us from Him. Then we will remain in our Father's kingdom. The moment we leave Him, we are in the kingdom of hell. We should never leave His presence or His kingdom.

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Precious children, each one of you please think about this and try to establish this state. Please be students living with our Father, taking on His qualities. Try to acquire wisdom in a state of freedom and liberation. This is the state of our soul, the freedom of our soul, the resplendent light of freedom. We must not waste our time or throw it away. We must use it to learn the speech and the qualities of our Father. Let us try very hard to remain with Him and never leave.

May we live as students always in His presence. May every child reflect on this. My precious children, try to learn that language, and never, never think of yourself as great or famous. As long as there is more to investigate, we are students. The moment we complete all our research we become God and we receive the kingdom of God. But until our research is finished we must continue to learn, and the only way to truly learn is to remain with Him. He is the king, and you must remain with Him as His young prince or princess, learning as a student until He crowns you. We must learn. We must try to attain this peace and equality with God's qualities and unity. That is the best kind of learning.

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The language our Father understands, the language the baby understands, is understood by no one else. Truth is not understood by the world, by books, by religions or philosophies. The speech of the eternal student, the eternal youth, is no more intelligible to the world than a baby's. That one mysterious language is the mystery we must try to learn. My precious children, as you continue to understand more and more, the world might bite you, scold you, or chase you away. Even a mother doesn't understand the baby's language, but that is the way of the world. Until the baby learns what the mother imposes on it and says what the mother wants, until the mother makes the baby think as she thinks and speak her own language, she does not understand. Until then only God, the true Father, understands.

God provides the language, the understanding, the food, the truth, the freedom, the liberation of the soul, justice, and judgment. This is what we must learn from our Father. No one else will understand; the world will never understand that language. Why not? Because the world only knows the temporary languages it learns for this temporary life. The world will only understand if we speak its language. If we remain with God, only He will understand.

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My very precious children, may we understand this and find a way to search for wisdom, to have peace of mind, lasting happiness, and the kingdom of heaven. May we find a way to stay there eternally. Amin. May God grant us this blessing with His grace. All wealth, all grace is with God, our Father. All wisdom, all treasures are His. The age of eternal youth is with Him. May we reach that age of no separation from Him, may we take on the beauty of being students, may we understand that subtle mystery. Amin.

May God bless us with His grace and His qualities. Amin.May He bless us with His actions. Amin.May He bless us with His conduct and His unity, may He give us His compassion, and may He give us truth and that life which never leaves Him. May He gather us to His heart, accept us as babies, and protect us. Amin.

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"When we live as little

children and behave as

little children, what do we

find? We find peace and

tranquillity. We find the

unity and love which

embraces everyone. We

may totter and fall while

embracing each other, but

we will do so in unity and



































































































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