by M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
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Bismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim. In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. May that God who is incomparable love and the unfathomable Ruler of grace, who gives us His never-ending wealth and grace, bless us all. Amin.May God, our Creator, watch over us, nourish us and protect us all our lives. Only God can do that. May He forgive all our faults with His grace. Amin.0 God, please forgive the faults which we committed before we knew You. Amin. May this prayer be granted.

Jeweled lights of my eyes, precious children, you were born with me as the life within my life. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, beloved of my heart, treasure of my eyes, children who are exalted and wise, brothers and sisters of my heart, my loving children who are so trusting, I give you my love and my greetings. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes born as my own brothers, you were indeed born with me. We have all come here together and it is important to know why we are here. First, we must understand right and wrong--that is the most important thing we must do. We should not dwell on the past, on old karma, on past sins, on the faults of a previous birth. We should never think that God will not forgive our faults and that we will be subject to rebirth. We must not think like that.

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Children, we have to recognize that although God is not like us, He is our Father. He doesn't have our qualities, He doesn't think like us, He doesn't have our jealousy or pride, He is not selfish, He has neither anger nor sin, and He does not look for praise, honors, or titles. God is patient, He is compassionate, He is tolerant, He is peaceful, He is just, He has perfect integrity. He is the One with three thousand beautiful qualities. He is the One who believes that other lives are His own and then does His duty. He is the One who recognizes the sorrows of others as His own and then does His duty. He is the One who understands right and wrong and then does His duty. He is the One who distinguishes truth from falsehood and then serves us and offers His explanation. He has good thoughts, He is the Father who created us, He is our God.

He does not punish us for our faults. He does not get angry, He does not forsake us, He does not send us away from Him, and He does not see differences among us. He is responsible for all lives, and He is patient. He is never angry with us, because we are His children. He forgives the faults we commit until we become wise and begin to understand our mistakes. He understands all the faults we committed while playing in ignorance, all the faults we committed both accidentally and purposefully, and all the lies we told. He understands them and always acts without anger or sin to protect His children. He makes wise men teach, because He wants His children to learn with awareness. He teaches us through our very thoughts, through the trees, the bushes, the vines, the animals, even through the sun and the moon. Through feeling and awareness He demonstrates what we need to know, turning us around and directing us to the path of truth, developing wisdom within us. He teaches wisdom through everything. He continually tries to turn us around and re-direct us so that He can take us back and embrace us. His constant remembrance is to do this for us.

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Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, He is the One who forgives the faults we commit in ignorance until we learn to recognize them as faults and give them up. God thinks, "They are only children acting in ignorance. Some day they will understand. I brought goodness into being, and I created right and wrong so that the difference between them might be understood. I created day and night so that my children would understand. I brought the body, soul, and light here so that my children would comprehend. I created wisdom and ignorance to develop their understanding.

"For this reason I created all the opposites, all the contrasts, to make them see both, to make them accept and act upon the truth and avoid evil. This is why I created both. Those children who know Me have My qualities and the capacity to extract the truth and use My wisdom. Yet even those who act in ignorance, without understanding, who accept what is wrong, are still My children. I am the only One who can judge either group, because I created them, and I have to make a place for both.

"There are so many creations, and I exist within them all as their inner awareness. In each heart I exist without shape, without form or color. I exist within as the power and the form of wisdom. Until they emerge from darkness, they will be ignorant and lack understanding. For this reason, I must forgive the faults they commit in that state.

"I have created so many forms: the sun, the moon, trees, bushes, weeds, birds, crawling animals, rats, flies, beetles, insects, the atoms themselves, energies, and forces. I created them all to make mankind understand, realize, and have faith."

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Precious children, jeweled lights of my eyes, we must have faith in God, our Father. We must develop that faith with determination. We must establish certitude and make our faith very firm. That strength of faith will be a staff to support us and help us climb; it is the means to cross the desert without wavering. If we fall very far, we will need this staff to climb back up. If we have the faith and determination to understand that there is no God like our Father, then we can climb up, we can avoid evil, and we can act wisely and reach the place where wisdom exists.

Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, there is room for realization. There is something to learn from every created thing. There are many, many explanations to understand. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, everything we see teaches us wisely. Everything we see is there for us to understand and to give us peace in that place of understanding. All the forces and miracles and the power which can rule them have been given to us by God. The wisdom and tranquillity with which we can rule the earth and the sky have been given to us. The most exalted beauty, the most exalted qualities, and the most exalted wisdom, tranquillity, peace, justice, and integrity have been given to us. We can understand through our birth and our death. We have to realize that the explanation of wisdom lies within us. We have to understand this.

Our Father is never angry with us. He never says, "I will send him to hell. I will test him and then send him to hell." He forgives us just as we forgive our own child if he misbehaves. We forgive him; we don't hate or destroy him, or cast him away. If we would not do such things in our state of ignorance, if we treat our children with compassion, how do you think God who has true wisdom would behave? We are angry and hasty, but we take care of our own children, and protect them even if they are wrong. We have so many bad qualities, we are so selfish, we are so engaged in the business of the self, we have so many prejudices concerning religion, race, and color, yet we are still able to protect and care for our own children lovingly. How much greater must God's love be! God, who is the unfathomable Ruler of grace, the One who is incomparable love, the One who gives us the wealth of His grace without end, how much greater must His love be! What is the nature of His love? Does He get angry? Does He hate us? Does He test us? He does nothing of the kind. The evil and the mistakes are all inside ourselves. When we act in ignorance, we plunge ourselves into danger. When we behave unwisely, our own faults subject us to accidents and danger. We have to live with the consequences of our own faults, our own actions, and our own qualities.

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Our Father doesn't test us or get angry with us. He gave us eyes so that we can walk looking ahead. He gave us ears to hear with and a nose to smell both good and bad scents. He gave us a tongue to distinguish good tastes from bad and a mouth to utter good words. We must realize the difference between good and evil, and then use the tongue He gave us to speak about the good. He gave us limbs, hands, legs, hearts, and bodies. We have to understand this, precious jeweled lights of my eyes. We have to use our eyes to recognize good and evil. If we do not understand, we may fall into a hole. That will not be God's fault, will it? Certainly not. We are the ones who have fallen into the hole. We are the careless ones. We cannot blame God. We have to consider the sounds we hear, both good and bad. We have to shun the bad, accept the good, and guide our actions accordingly. If we act on the basis of evil sounds, we are looking for an accident.

There are good smells and bad smells. It is correct to pursue the good fragrances. If we associate with the bad smells, we will have to experience the evil from which they come. There are good words and bad words on the tongue. If we use the good words, we will know the taste of peace; if we use the evil words, sin and evil will follow. Is this God's fault? It is our own fault. We must recognize good and bad tastes and spit out what is bad. We must absorb the good tastes, but if we eat the bad food, it will hurt us. Whose fault is that? Is that God's fault? Certainly not!

We must reflect. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, our Father does not get angry with us. He does not test us. He is total power, the mysterious One. Would that power test us? Could we bear His test? Are we that strong? We are very small. We are only a particle of a particle of a particle, and He is greater than all the universes. He is the great power, creating, destroying, and watching over all lives. If that power which can make the world appear or disappear in the blink of an eye were angry with us, what could we do? But that power is our Father. What indication is there that He would hurt us? What indication is there that He would test us? Could we bear anything He might do? Could we endure it, could we withstand His test? We have to consider this wisely.

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Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, He is love, He is compassion, He is patience, He is tolerance and peace and above all His creations. He is our Father. We have to understand that He is God and that He has no anger. He does not try to punish people or send them to hell. He is clear wisdom who always trusts and believes that we will return to Him. Until a child grows to be good, until he sets out on the true path, God tries to comfort him, teach him true wisdom, and find a teacher for him. It is for this reason that God sent the prophets, the lights of God, the qutbs, the wise men, and the rasuls. They were sent from His kingdom to His children to dispel the ignorance, to dispel the lack of wisdom and the darkness so that God's children might acquire His qualities and turn to the path of truth. God always says, "May the children search for their Father. May they come to Him." Let us think about this.

This is God's endless work. Through the wise men, the qutbs, the lights of God, the saints, the holy men, and the prophets, He brings His children to realization. With the sun and the moon and in so many different ways, He develops their wisdom, dispelling their darkness to make them return to Him. Precious children, God is trying to bring us to this realization step by step. That is our Father's nature. We have to understand that He will forgive us until the end. As our wisdom grows, as we realize our faults, we can ask for forgiveness, and He will grant it. As we recognize our faults, He will forgive us and accept each of us as His own child. We must reflect on this wisely and understand it.

We must be good and avoid evil. We really must strive. If we do not, we will fall into evil ways, and justice will be carried out in that place of final judgment. But until then, God will teach us as much as He can through every creation--through the reptiles, the sun and the moon, currents and magnetism, gold and silver, the earth, wealth, trees and flowers, fragrance, medicine, everything. It is God who teaches us through everything. It is God who makes us correct ourselves and turns us back to the true path. He is always patient. He is never angry with us, He never hates us, He never tries to cast us away, and He never tests us. God only shows us His grace. Let us consider this wisely.

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Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, God also created satan. Couldn't God destroy him? Why did He give satan so much power in hell? Can't He vanquish satan? Can God overcome him? He can indeed overcome anything, so why did God create a satan? Good and evil are the responsibility of Allah, exalted be His name. Good and evil, light and darkness were created by God so that we might be brought to realization. Until then, until that day, God has to make room for satan. Why? Because satan was created too. God created satan and He will not destroy him. He is not angry with him. Does God destroy us, does He hate us, does He test us? We have to realize that God created satan too, but He also created a Judgment Day at the end of it all, and on that day He will grant heaven or hell according to what each one has searched for. At that time the house of hell will be given to satan, and that is where he will live.

Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, there are many lessons to learn. There are so many things to filter and learn from the earth, from water, air, fire, and ether. There are so many things to be understood from reptiles, bushes, and trees. There are so many things we have to understand. God has created each thing. He protects it, and He will continue to forgive it until that final judgment comes. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, we have to realize, understand profoundly, and be clear about the truth. We must realize that once we know our Father, everything we did earlier will be forgotten. Those were unwitting actions performed in a state of ignorance; they were faults we committed when very young. The faults we commit before wisdom emerges are all the faults of our youth. With wisdom comes maturity. Before that we are all small, very immature children even though our bodies may be large. If we realize this wisdom before we die, we can know our Father. But if we do not become wise and turn to the path of wisdom before we die, then we will become darkness.

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Until our very last breath, until we leave this world, God always holds out His hands to uplift us. He has His hands outstretched to embrace us, to give us His milk, and to teach us awareness. He is inside our hearts, cleansing us. Until the very last breath He embraces each child, trying to bring that child to Him. He strives for this until our very last breath. But if we lose the opportunity to develop our wisdom, if we remain with satan in a state of ignorance until our last breath, then we will be found guilty and subject to punishment. We will be separated from God. But until that very last breath, we are never separated or apart from God.

God does not get angry with us, He does not hate us, He does not test us. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, we have to realize that our Father will forgive all the faults we committed when we were ignorant, and He will not be angry. We must believe this with certitude. We have to understand very profoundly, precious jeweled lights of my eyes, that is why God sent the wise men and the prophets. After He had sent all the prophets, God sent the qutbs and messengers. At any time there is always at least one qutb one wise man, in the world. Through him we must learn to be wise, we must understand the truth, and we must acquire the recognition of what is good so that we can protect ourselves from danger. Therefore, precious jeweled lights of my eyes, search for wisdom. Search for that wisdom which is your birthright. Search for the birthright your Father gave you. Search for that property He gave you. We must intend to return to that place where we lived before. We must try to re-unite with our Father and have His qualities and His actions. We must try to behave as He behaves and make His duty our own. We must act with our Father's patience, we must try to nourish His unity, receive His beauty, and act with His qualities.

Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, children who are my very life, you must travel the path of integrity with absolute certitude and really try to search for wisdom. This is most important. Just because we committed mistakes earlier, we should not go on thinking we have done so many horrible things and have so many faults. We have not committed any faults in the eyes of God. We are small children to Him, and He will always forgive us. He will not hate or discard us. We have to think of this until our very last breath. We have to search for wisdom and act as truth dictates. Then, when we become wise, we will not commit our earlier mistakes, and we will not walk the paths we traveled earlier.

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We do have many faults when we have no wisdom. We do make mistakes, and we have to realize this. Precious children, understand this. Try to live in a good way, associate with good people and adopt their qualities. Find a wise man and try to become wise. Because God is love, because He is just, because He is compassionate and patient, we must try to do this. Then we will have peacefulness, tranquillity, and justice. We will have attained the birthright of our eternal life.

Precious children, we must realize that we have to know and understand ourselves. We must stop playing. We must try to walk the true path and realize that God will forgive our faults, and He will be tolerant of all our mistakes. Then we will become His children, His babies, and He will give us His kingdom. He will give us His house and His grace. God will give us all His treasures. We have to realize this, precious jeweled lights of my eyes. The world is a lesson to help us realize what we have to know. Everything God created is a lesson, an explanation we have to understand.

We must understand everything. Precious jeweled lights of my eyes, we must understand and then we must act on that understanding. It is very easy to talk about this, but we must act accordingly. We must strive as wisely as we can to put this state into action. We must open our hearts and look within. We must open our hearts and understand what that wisdom is, what the tranquillity of that wisdom means, and we must establish this in our lives. This is the secret of life, the birthright of our lives, the completeness, the happiness, and the exaltedness of our lives. This is the state we must attain. We must understand our God, our Father, our Lord, our Allah, exalted be His name, our Rabb, our Creator, and we must find Him. We must find the wisdom, the tranquillity, and the qualities to do that. We must acquire His beauty.

Precious children, this is what we must earnestly strive to do. Each one must think, each heart must realize. We must understand, and we must ask our Father to forgive us. When our wisdom emerges, we will be able to speak happily with our Father and become one with Him. As soon as we embrace Him, He will forgive our faults. He will not hate us, He will accept us and say, "My child, now you are wise. My child, now you are a loving child. You have taken My qualities, you have compassion for all lives, and you perform My duty. Now you are My child, now you are My son. Now your sound is My sound, now your speech is My speech, now your actions are My actions, now your conduct is My conduct, now your qualities are My qualities and your wisdom is My wisdom. Now your actions, your behavior, and everything about you has found My duty. My son, now My sound and resonance have arisen within you. " Then He will embrace you, saying, "Now you are My son."

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We must try to find that beauty and those qualities, precious children, jeweled lights of my eyes. We must transform our lives, merge with our Father, and strive to find that wisdom and tranquillity. We need faith, determination, and certitude; we need that Iman which is absolute faith. We must labor to know clearly that God is our Father. We must have the certitude that there is no other God, we must know that He is the Only One, we must know absolutely that we are one family and that God is our only Father. We must understand, show compassion for all lives, and have that certitude. That is the most exalted path of grace. May each one of us remember, may we all understand this and act upon it. May we actually do this. Amin. Amin.

As-salamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu kulluhu--May the peace of God and His beneficence be upon all of you. Love to all the children, love to everyone, love to all the jeweled lights of my eyes. If there is any fault in what I have said, please forgive me. I am still a student with no wisdom. Please forgive me if there is any fault in what I have said.

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"Until our very last breath, until we leave this world itself, God always holds out His hands to uplift us. He has His hands outstretched to embrace us, to give us His milk, and to teach us... Until that very last breath, we are never separated or apart from God."



















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