by M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

     The Book of God's Love Cover                    Introduction
Dear Reader,

This is a book to lighten your heart, a map to help you find the treasure hidden within you. That treasure contains the most valuable and elusive things in life which everyone seeks but very few ever find--unconditional love, everlasting youth, and unchanging truth.

Those who wish to journey on this treasure hunt are invited to read this book. The author will beckon you as "my precious children" and within that lies your first clue, for this is a book of God's love spoken by a father to his children. To understand its meaning and unfold its secret, you must become a child. You must throw away the differences of an adult and regain the openness of a child. Only then will the words truly penetrate your heart.

So if you are ready, turn the page, open your heart, and begin your journey...