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A Prayer From My Heart

A prayer given by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen on February 24, 1974.

A Prayer from My HeartBismillahir-Rahmanir-Rahim: In the name of God, Most Merciful, Most Compassionate.

May God give us His grace always. Amin. May the ocean of divine knowledge ('ilm) overflow. May the grace of the ocean of wisdom rise up, and may the light of that grace and wisdom settle upon and permeate all lives. May the light of love bloom. May bliss overflow. May the resonance of God's Joy resonate and shine as ill-Allahu in the hearts of my children. May the luminous ray of iman that radiates with the certitude and determination that there is none other than Him permeate their hearts.

In the realm of the soul (ruh), in this world (dunya) and the eighteen thousand universes, in the kingdom of God (akhirah), the kingdom of heaven which is the light of grace, and in the state of God which is the world of resplendent light, may that resonance, that effulgent light of the soul, the resplendence of wisdom resplend, resonate, and shine in the hearts of my children and expand everywhere. May it be a fragrance within all their hearts.

May all the devotees, loved ones, and all those born with us be enchanted by that light of grace and wisdom, the resplendence of the Nur, and may they disappear in that light. May their hearts disappear in the resplendent ray of the Nur and sing God's praise saying, "Joy! joy!" May the light of wisdom and the light of grace spread throughout the hearts of my children. May He give them the grace for the ray of iman to blossom in their hearts.

Every minute, every waqt, every second, I am praying to our God, Allahu, for my children to reach this state. I am praying to God more and more for the hearts of my children to resonate with His grace. Every child of every Fellowship is a jeweled light of my eye, the honey of the heart with the sweet taste of a ripe fruit. May my love enter their hearts and overflow. I pray again and again for His grace to overflow. Amin.

My children, I am beseeching God again and again to prevent illness, disease, poverty, sorrow, sadness, disturbances, and worries from conning near the hearts of my children, the jeweled lights of my eye. I am praying that none of these affect the hearts of these children or come anywhere - near them. Day and night, every minute, I am praying that Your grace will be near them. I am praying that Your grace, Your light, and Your love be in the hearts of my children. I pray to You, 0 God, that the hearts of all my children be exalted in all of everything, in all the worlds. May the light of divine luminous wisdom fill their hearts and shine. May the resplendence of that great One, God, overflow in their hearts, and may all those who partook of that honey of wisdom (gnanam) join together and sing with bliss. In their hearts may they sing, praising Him with joy, joy! I pray for this.

In the hearts of my children, there should be no anger, sin, resentment, or hastiness. There should be no intoxicants, lust, theft, murder, and falsehood for even a moment. May these five evils not go anywhere near them. May arrogance, karma, and illusion never approach or touch the hearts of my children. May the six evils of lust, anger, miserliness, attachment, fanaticism, and envy not attach themselves to my children. May these fourteen worlds of sinful thoughts never settle in their hearts. Instead, may their hearts overflow with love. May the light of grace shine and dispel the darkness. May the grace of God fill their hearts. I pray to God for this.

Pride, arrogance, race, religion, deceit, jealousy, backbiting, and the self-conceit of praising oneself saying that no one is greater than I-may these qualities never attach themselves to or settle in the hearts of my children. May only the praise, of God establish itself there. May they have the certitude and determination that there is only One who is worthy of praise. May they have the faith that there is none other than Him. I pray that they have this iman and the understanding of wisdom. I pray that they accept and praise Him alone. I pray for my children to live without illness or sorrow and for them to experience the freedom of their soul in all three worlds. May they open these three worlds and look with the light of truth and the clarity of wisdom. I pray for them to realize what truth is and for them to become enchanted with that One of truth and to join with Him as one.

My children must become one with Him. I beseech that God give His grace to my children. May He make my children one with Him. May He take them onto Him as one with Him. In sorrow and sufferings, in joy and comfort, during the day and night, while they are asleep and awake, may He be their protection. May He make the palace of their hearts the church where He dwells and may He protect it. May He be the One responsible for their protection, as the Creator, the Guardian, and the One who gives compassionate love. And as our Father, our Sustainer who gives us food, and as the One who is within and gives the milk of light; may He, Himself, be in front of us and behind us. May He teach and give us the resplendent light of wisdom, divine luminous wisdom. May He be our Master, our Guru, the divine wisdom. May He be the Nur, the resplendence. May He show us the good path and join us onto Him. May He dwell in the hearts of my children and take them onto Him. I am praying to Him for this, day and night. Amin.

In the heart of every child, may this divine resonance resonate. I am praying for this. The children should not think that I am not there. You must not think that I am elsewhere. If you open your loving hearts with wisdom, then you will know where I am.

The ocean surrounds the land. The land that is the world is in the center, but that does not mean there is no water on the land. It does not mean that the ocean is someplace else, in the east, the north, the south, or the west. The ocean is in all these four directions. If those on land need water, they must test and analyze the soil and dig in the correct place with true certitude and determination. The water win be there. If they have the certitude and the determination, they will find water within the land. It will come, and they can quench their thirst.

Like that, you must examine the mind which is the section of illusion (maya). just as you analyzed the soil to find where the good water exists, you must analyze and go beyond the mind to find where the true heart (qalb) exists. If you go beyond the mind and dig within the heart, you can partake of the honey of wisdom that oozes from there. Then you can free yourselves from all your tiredness, sorrow, and sadness, your difficulties, your illnesses, and diseases. You can be free of all that.

Like that, that wisdom (gnanam) which is the guru, that truth which is the guru, the love which is the guru, that light which is the guru, the divine luminous wisdom which is the guru, and the completeness, plenitude, and resplendence which is the guru surround the eighteen thousand universes, just as the ocean surrounds the land. When you dig within your loving heart for that which is the form of love and grace, that completeness and resplendence which is the Nur and which is not contained by any praise-that honey of wisdom will pour forth from within it. The honey of wisdom is there! My children, you can partake of that! Do not think that it is somewhere in the west, east, south, or north. When you look intently with your love into your inner heart, you can find it there. It is there just as we have described to you. But if you look with the mind, you will think that it is far away in the west or the north or the south or the east.

My children, you are in the center of the lotus flower of my heart which is in full bloom. You are like the stamens in the center of the opened lotus flower of my heart. You are in the center of my heart, my children. Remember that. The petals of my heart surround you, and you are the stamens in the center of the lotus flower of my heart. My children, look at this with wisdom. Look within wisdom and love, and you will know where your real place is. Then you will understand.

Every child, you are the stamen in the center of the lotus flower of my heart. You are not far away from me. The mind might see it as being far, but to your love, and wisdom, I am not far away. My precious jeweled lights of my eyes, now and always, every second, the prayer of my love is there praying within your heart.

I have come here to Serendib, which is Ceylon. Some of the children here looked with their minds and thought that I had been away in America. I had to come here and comfort those children. That is why I came. I am here and I am comforting them, but the mind will never find peace. The mind will never find comfort. It is impossible to comfort this mind that roams throughout all the universes, this mind of desire that flies faster than the speed of air, this mind of darkness which is a form of illusion and torpor, of glitters and attachments. You can never give peace to such a mind. If you give love to this dog of desire, to this dog of the mind, it is like giving a bone to a dog to comfort it for a short while. So, for this dog of the mind, I am giving this fruit of love and I am comforting the children a little bit. That takes a lot of work.

It is difficult for me to write because I have all this work here. Only now am I writing this letter. But you are not far away. Give this love and explanation to all the Fellowships, to every child. Type this and give it to every child and comfort them. You are the children of my love.

In this country, the people experience so many sufferings and joys. But it is the mind that experiences these. Wisdom knows no joy or sorrow. This is how it is. When we see God as our only treasure and go in search of Him, everything in the world will be sorrow. He alone will be ourjoy, and everything else will be suffering. On the path in search of God, seeing Him is the only joy and seeing everything in the world is sorrow. If we pay attention to these sorrows, we cannot see the joy of God. Can we? God alone is the only joy, and everything else is sorrow.

My children, jeweled lights of my eyes, sorrow is part of our nature, part of life. You must not pay it much mind. You have to experience everything, go beyond, and know that God is the treasure which is our only joy. When in search of that treasure, we should not give much thought to all these other experiences. They are just the world. No matter where we are, this is how it is. We have to conquer all these and go beyond. Other than God, everything else that we see is sorrow. Until we know what the real joy is and until we merge with that, we have to experience all of these sorrows, leave them, and go on. That is the explanation of wisdom, the explanation of love.You must realize this.

My love to all of you. My salams. I am wiping your hearts and your tears all the time. I am always wiping your tears with love. I am the heart within your hearts, and I know all your intentions and thoughts. I am within your hearts, and I understand all your thoughts. Sometimes I laugh at you. Sometimes I see your love and embrace you with love. I am with you, and I go everywhere that you go. I have a share in your joys and your sorrows. Sometimes when you cry, I cry too. When you smile, I also smile. When you are happy, I am happy. I have not left your hearts for even a second. I have not separated from your love or your hearts for even a second. Look within your hearts with wisdom, and within your hearts you will see me and Allah who protects us both. If you look within your hearts, you will always be happy. I will not leave your hearts and your love. I will not be separate for even a second. I will not be away from your hearts for even a minute. Every second, in your love, you must have that certitude. Day-and night I am praying to God for each and every child. He will not let go of you, and we also will not forsake you. God has not forsaken you, nor have I.

Precious jeweled lights of my eye, look with the love of your hearts. Look inside your hearts with the wisdom of the love of your hearts. I am always watching over your physical forms. I always see your love. I see your love always, and I am very happy when I see that. I am very happy looking at that. I am enchanted by the love of your hearts, and I am very happy. I am very happy. The mind thinks that you are far away from me, but the heart doesn't see it that way. I am praying for you day and night. In joy and sorrow, in sleep and in a wakeful state, I am always begging and begging of God to take care of you.

God is protecting you at all times. Allah. Allah is always watching you and sustaining you. Do not be afraid of anything. Do not be sad about anything.

May God bless you with His grace.

May Allahu protect us always at every second. Amin.

- M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

February 24, 1974

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