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The Ways in Which We Should Act

These are the ways in which all of you should act, and the qualities, characteristics and conduct that you should imbibe.

In the same way that the one God bestows His Compassion on all beings, without any animosities and provides them with food and love, and protects them, all the children in the Fellowship must imbibe Divine Qualities and be tolerant, and forebearing, and preach the good Wisdom, and embrace everyone with love. This is a Divine characteristic and the first thing that I have to say to you is that all those who are seeking God should first achieve His Qualities.

All of the Prophets of God, that is, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Moses, David, Jesus, Muhammed, Job, Joseph, Jonah, and all of the 124,000 of them were faced with innumerable distresses, hostilities and satanic animosities. They had to face the many divisions that arose among those of the same kind. They had to face the separations that arose in the unity of God, and they had to face several other difficulties. In the midst of all these things, without paying heed to the difficulties that beset them, they imbibed the Divine Qualities. What they did pay heed to was the Divine Commandments; not their own difficulties. Similarly, whatever difficulties you might be faced with, without being set back by them you must find happiness in God's happiness. It is the Grace of Truth and the plenitude of it that you must spread to the creatures of the world.

However, between the children of one Mother there are many hostilities. Within those hostilities there are the workings of satan and his deceits. With his qualities he enters into activities and engenders foul schemes to destroy the Truth. With hypocrisy, with intoxicants, philosophies and religions he enters into the mind and creates many hostilities.

When people try to leave satan's path and enter the path of Divine Light, satan always attempts to draw them back into his path. In this way he has misled millions of people who were in the path of God. He has also met with failure in the case of a few who had imbibed the characteristics of God and were going in the path of Truth. In these cases he had to run back to his own station.

So, like that, it is in those sections that are of the mind, of desire, and several other kinds of worldly lusts, that he enters. But when he sees those who have Truth, Determination, Wisdom, Forbearance, Faith, Compassion, Tolerance, Peacefulness, Justice, Truthfulness, Calmness, Restfulness, Dutifulness and those who have the Divine Qualities and who keep God alone in them, he tries out his various schemes with them and runs away from them. In this state in this world there are more of the former and less of the latter. There are two kinds in this world, and they are both in the same world, and our primal enemy will try to mislead both kinds. So, it is only satan who creates this situation and the children of One Mother should not leave any room for his entry. You must be tolerant and patient with whatever kinds of hostility, degraded states of Wisdom and problems you encounter, and you must try to embrace all of our brethren. Your efforts should be to achieve that Truth and that is what I most humbly request of you.

Everything that we see in this world is in the nature of an occupation, or a business, or something conducted for selfish purposes or for the sake of worldly titles. Even in the building of a church to worship God there is selfishness, mercenary attitude, search for worldly titles or some other search for greatness that we see. But in the true Kingdom of God, in the Kingdom that He in fact rules, that is not His Commandment. It is as One Family, as One God, as One Mother and One Father and as One Lord that He exists. So, to all people to whom He alone is the Father, to all those who are the children of the same family, the above-mentioned selfishness, titles, names, pride, I and you, religion, praise, ignorance, and the 400 billion other hypnotic states do not belong in His work. Our duty is to treat other beings as our own being, to show compassion on all lives, to lose oneself in the service of other lives, and to explain with Divine Wisdom God's Grace, His Wealth, His Qualities and Actions. Whatever difficulties are created, I humbly request you to pardon such difficulties and to try to bring into your fold even those who cause such difficulties. To the best of your ability you should inquire into such situations and preach these qualities to shatter the instabilities of the mind and jealousies.

Next, what I have to say to my children, whatever faults we might see, you must not cultivate grudges. The Presidents should be informed of such a situation and the matter openly discussed and it should be resolved on the same day. That dark spot and that instability of the mind should be changed. To maintain such grudges is contrary to the Truth and contrary to the Path. This I say to the Presidents, to the Secretaries, and to the Treasurers.

We have come here to receive from God Divine Earnings, Divine Wealth and Divine Characteristics, and to dispense it to human beings. We have come to distribute it to all beings with Divine Wisdom, and we must not cultivate hostilities, anger, pride, jealousy, and deceit. This is His Kingdom, and that Wealth of His Grace is the due of His Divine Sons. That Wealth we must obtain. He dispenses His Mantle according to the principle of: The Kingdom of God is to the Son of God. This is the purpose of our path and the bliss of our birth.

I most humbly request that what I have said above should be thoroughly printed in your books, in your mind, and in your Wisdom.

Satan is the enemy to the Truth of God, His Justice, Truthfulness, Forbearance, Compassion, Tolerance, Peacefulness, and Beauty of the 3000 other similar good thoughts that arise from Him. Satan will always attempt to mislead those who have received His Beauty and those who know God with the faith and certitude that they have in His Truth. We must understand this. However, he cannot get close to them. He will face defeat and turn back. This you must realize definitely and clearly, you children of God. This is what the Guru says. He wants you to understand this with certainty and clarity and accept it as the true word. These words are what is known as the conduct of the true path and the just ways of the true path. This you must understand.

Satan enters and abides in people by way of the satanic qualities that are present, even if it might only be an infinitesimal amount of such qualities. If there are no satanic qualities, then he will not enter. His qualities are pride, jealousy, the arrogance of I, egoism, hypocrisy, selfishness, saying one thing outside while keeping another thing within, favoritism, anger, hastiness, loss of temper, one justice for self and another for the other, intoxicants, lust, theft, murder, falsehood, a distinction of mine or yours, deceit, and the four-quadrillion, ten-thousand glitters of his, the qualities of magic, mantras and schemes. It is through these propensities that satan enters into man and makes him go astray. But if one acts with all responsibility given to God, where I am not and He, the One, alone is, that You alone are, with certitude and determination in God, satan will not enter. My children should understand this.

These satanic qualities appear and manifest themselves from within the body, desire and the monkey-mind. He comes from within these things, enters the heart, and shatters the Truth. But if one does not follow this path, and surrenders completely to the Will of God, and treads the path of I am not- It is He who is, satan will not enter.

I humbly request all of you to hold on to this and I pray to God that you may hold on to it. May He bestow us with His Qualities, Actions, Light, Beauty of Compassion, Happiness of Tolerance, Beauty of Forbearance, Love, and Tawakkal- surrendering all responsibilities to Him, and make us reach Him and protect and sustain us every second of our lives. Ameen. This is the word of the Guru for you. Keep this in your diaries and your notebooks. Whenever any situation crops up, read this and act according to it.

M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

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