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The Wisdom and Grace of the Sufis

An explanation given by Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen concerning the peace, tranquillity, and wisdom through which we must understand the two aspects of male and female life. If this peace and tranquillity are understood, then the peace of prayer to God will be understood.

Bismillahirahmaniraheem. In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

The Wisdom and Grace of the SufisMy very precious lives born with me, let us reflect on our life. There is a power called God, a power that has no form, shape, or color and is completely free of any fault or blemish. That power exists within every man and every creation as the life within life. He is free of all differences and discriminations such as color, race, or caste. God dwells within every one of His creations as the protection for all lives. No other power can perform this function of protection, and we who have been born as human beings must reflect on this with wisdom.

We must reflect on the creation of God within which all the saktis (forces) and siddhis (miracles) exist. But instead of trusting this Power, we seek other saktis, trusting their siddhis. We place our trust in the saktis of the mind and the saktis of the elements, hoping that by utilizing them we could fly in the sky, jump from one body to another, walk on water, walk on fire, and perform various conjuring tricks and feats of mesmerism. We perform meditation to gain strength through these saktis, expecting to attain our goal by performing mantras, magical feats, and acts of mesmerism.

Look at a fish. It swims in the water, moving from the depths to the surface, and it also sleeps in the water. It is not a great wonder for a fish to walk on water. Neither is it a great wonder if a man walks on water. A bird flies in the sky. If we fly like a bird, it is not a great wonder. Atoms and viruses enter our bodies unseen to our eyes and change their form within our bodies. So if we travel from one body to another, it is not a great wonder. A crane stands motionless on one leg for eight or nine hours at a stretch, merely for the sake of catching a fish. Likewise, if a man stands meditating on one leg, he does it with the purpose of attaining either heaven, some worldly gain, or some siddhis, or occult powers. He is merely doing what the crane does. It is not a miracle. It is only the meditation of a crane.

We may dance around the whole world, but look at the dance of a peacock. Even though it is so beautiful with five brilliant colors, its legs are black. The peacock grieves when it looks at its legs because they blemish its beauty. In this way, the creation born as a human being also has five colors -the colors of the five elements (earth, fire, water, air, ether). Even if he dances in the sky and performs occult tricks, if his two feet-which represent his truth and his Iman (absolute faith in God) and on which he walks through life - are black like the feet of the peacock, then all the dancing he performs will not give him any benefit. He looks at his own black legs and grieves over them. This dancing is not a miracle. If man could beautify these two legs which are his wisdom and his Iman, then the flower of his heart would become filled with resplendent light. Only then will he acquire the power of God. It is through this power that man's heart becomes filled with light. No matter what he does, no matter what goals he seeks to attain through his meditation, all those meditations are merely the acts of animals, birds, and snakes.

A snake can crawl into a tiny hole and hold poison inside its mouth, but it does not poison itself. It keeps the poison to use on others. But when lightning and thunder strike the earth, the poison sacs burst and the snake is killed by its own poison. Similarly, human beings contain poisonous qualities within their mouths and hearts which can cause pain or harm to others. They have deceitful qualities that trick and deceive others. But just as the snake was killed by its own poison when thunder struck the earth, human beings who have these poisonous qualities and evil intentions and thoughts will one day be killed by their own poison. When the seasons change and the voice of God and the angel of death come thundering and reverberating, the very poison that he contains within himself will burst and kill him. We who are human beings must reflect on this.

In this way, if we understand the actions of every creation that exists in the world, we will realize how many different miracles they perform. How many miracles are performed by ghosts and demons and blood-sucking vampires? If man desires the miracles performed by ghosts and demons, and if he dedicates his life to acquiring such miracles as the ability to fly in the sky or to move unseen among human eyes, then he is not a true man. He will perish in the thoughts of snakes, scorpions, and centipedes.

Greater than all these is the power called God which can control every energy, siddhi and sakti known in the world. God alone has that power to control everything within Himself. Through that power of His compassionate qualities He is able to control and subdue all lives. He controls all lives through His qualities, actions, conduct, patience, tolerance, His sense of equality, inner patience (saboor), and contentment (shukoor). These qualities make all lives bow in submission to Him. All lives pay respect and obeisance to God, his qualities, his beauty, His actions, and His conduct. If a man will acquire these qualities and perform selfless duty without any attachments, if he will perform service without any selfish motives and dedicate himself to helping other lives, if a man can exist in this state with these qualities, then he will be the chieftain of the kingdom of God. God will embrace him and take him within Himself. God will gather such a man within His love.

God's love is able to control all lives. If man too would conduct himself without attachment or selfishness; if he would control his hunger and appease the hunger of others, control his happiness and struggle for the happiness of others, control his sorrow and comfort the sorrow of others; if man could acquire the qualities of God, then such a man who does duty towards others will acquire the kingdom of God. This is the miracle of God, the miracle of the qualities of God. Whoever acquires these qualities is the miracle. We who are born as men must realize this. Realizing this with our wisdom, we must try to learn and understand through that wisdom. Wisdom is the victory in man's life. The beauty of God's qualities and the clarity of wisdom will give victory in man's life.


Female children, my precious sisters, you are a great treasure in life. My precious sisters who bear the burden of the world and all the sorrows and the tribulations of this life! You must realize that this world and those who desire this world, those who desire you and who want you, will load you with the burdens of this world. You are the ones who have been born to bear those burdens. You have the strength to be able to bear the entire weight of the world.

If a man marries you, everything he gives you will be burdens. It will be your responsibility to carry that burden. All the men does is place the burden on you; but your share is experiencing that burden and undergoing the difficulties of that burden, even to the extent that your life may be threatened. You have to bear the burden of his qualities, his actions, and his conduct. You have to bear the burden of his anger, his hastiness, and his resentment, as your own joys and sorrows. You have to bear the sorrow of his arrogance, his avarice, and his desires as well as your family and your household. In this way, you are the ones born to bear the weight of all the burdens in life such as poverty and hardship, the burden of your children and of your brothers and sisters. Female children, you are the ones born to bear the weight of the world's burdens and of your own household and family, and of the joys, sorrows and difficulties in your own life.

My very precious female children, jeweled lights of my eyes, to the extent that we have seen the world, it is within the female children that faith in God and devotion to God has flourished. Why? Because you have had to suffer the load and burdens of the world. It is in women even more than in men that I have seen a greater proportion of faith in God, trust in God, and the giving of all responsibility to God. My precious lives, born with me, you are the ones born to experience the burden of both the world and your own household, the burdens that can be a worry and a danger to your life. I have seen this in my experience. And as a result, so many women lose themselves and even die, due to worry over these burdens. Some women go crazy. Others involve themselves in so many difficulties because of these burdens. Whatever you desire and whatever may come to you will be a burden. This entire life is a burden to you. You must realize this and act accordingly.

Your hearts must have perfect trust in God. You are the ones who have experienced the sorrows and the sufferings of this world. Through carrying these burdens, you must acquire the qualities of God. You must acquire and show the compassion of God. You must acquire the laws of justice and righteousness, which are the throne of God.

Through them you must conduct your life with patience. Why? Little by little, you must unloosen the worries and sufferings of your mind through the qualities of patience, inner patience, contentment, gratitude to God and surrendering to the will of God, saying, "Alhamdulilah" (All praise belongs to God), and through handing over all responsibility to Him.

You must unload your burden, slowly one by one, through your patience and wisdom, tolerance and peacefulness. Just as you deliver the burden of your baby and gradually bring up that child, if you can bring up the man who gave you that load and bring up the burdens which are the joys and sorrows of this world, and if through your faith in God you can acquire wisdom, then through that wisdom, little by little, you can unload yourself of the worries of this mind. To unload the burden of this world, you need patience, inner patience, compassion, tolerance, and contentment. You need faith in God. Through this faith your life can be exalted. All these burdens can be unloaded, and you can acquire the grace and the wealth of all the three worlds (the world of the souls, this world, and the next world). This, my children is the only way to rid yourself of these burdens.

If you conduct yourself in this manner, the world will be a flower garden to you and the world of heaven will be a world of the wealth of resplendent grace. The world of the souls will be the treasures of the kingdom of God. My very precious sisters, please reflect on this and hand over to God all responsibility for the burdens in your life. Beg God for His help and acquire His help. Good thoughts and good qualities are the hallmarks of victory. Patience is the hallmark of your victory in life. Ameen.

May God give you the patience and the qualities and the wisdom to unload these burdens. May God give you the wealth of all three worlds. May you live as the most excellent lives in all three worlds. My very precious sisters, may God help all of you. Ameen. Ameen.

M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

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