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Children's Stories

The Birds Are Silent When They Eat

My love you, my grandchildren, my sons and daughters, my brothers and sisters. Look over there at those two big trees. Can you see all the different colored birds perched in the branches? There are probably five thousand or more. Listen! Do you hear any noise coming from them? No, they are sitting peacefully, eating in silence. When they first saw the fruits they made so much noise, screeching and cawing, but now they have settled on the branches and are enjoying the sweet taste in silence.

My love you, my grandchildren. You can observe the same behavior in thyose who are with the sheikh and are searchin for wisdom and God. People of different colors and languages will all gather together here in the presence of the sheikh. Even though disturbances may occur at first, they will subside when the sweet taste of God's divine knowledge, His 'ilm, is imbibed with wisdom. Then all colors will mingle together blissfully.

My children, when you first approach your father of wisdom, you too might make some noise, but once you settle down and begin doing your duty in his presence, all your sounds must stop. You must become silent, peacefully enjoying the sweet taste of God, the fruits of wisdom, love, patience, tolerance, and truth. Once you are in that state of silence, your qualities, actions, and love will be beautiful. Your inner patience, contentment, trust in God, and praise of God, your sabur, shukur, tawakkul, and al-hamdu lillah will be so beautiful. Your compassion will be even more beautiful, and your wisdom will be ever so subtle.

My love you, my grandchildren. All the children of Adam (A.S.) need the nourishment of those fruits. You all need to attain that tranquility. Then the taste and flavor of God's divine knowledge, His 'ilm, will be your bliss. You must find that peace and unity. This is the blessing you can receive from the sheikh. If you reach this state, you will know the taste of Allah. Do your duty and try to discover that taste. My love you.

- M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
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