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With Every Breath Say, "LA ILAHA ILL-ALLAHU"

A short talk given by Muhammad Raheem Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, may God be pleased with him, on June 18, 1975.

With Every Breath Say, "LA ILAHA ILL-ALLAHU"Say, "La ilaha, ill-Allahu." Do not waste your breath. With every breath say, "La ilaha ill-Allahu." Whatever time it is, you should never remain idle. Whether you are staying here or elsewhere, these words have to be said. They must be said with your breath.You do not have to make a sound.Your tongue should gently form the words within your mouth.You should say, "La ilaha ill-Allahu." The outgoing breath, La ilaha: Other than You nothing exists, should be drawn along with awareness. Movement should occur at this time. The sound ill-Allahu should be drawn in with awareness and wisdom and planted firmly within the qalb, or inner heart. Whatever the time or wherever the place, you must say this.

Whether you are walking, lying down, awake, working, or sleeping - at all times the breath, these words, the remembrance, feeling, awareness, intellect, judgment, and wisdom should function continually. Understanding should be attained through divine analytic wisdom, and every movement should be perceived. One should be aware of all the movements.The coming and going of each breath should be understood. It should be perceived through divine luminous wisdom, and all its sounds, explanations, and lights should be understood.

Say it like this. Do not waste even a second! Thought, feeling, awareness, intellect, judgment, wisdom, divine analytic wisdom, and divine luminous wisdom should be aware of this. You should bring all seven states of consciousness together and recite these words.You should say these words whether you are sitting here or somewhere else. It is good to recite these words continually no matter what other work you may be doing. Do not merely spend your time laughing. The breath should function with this remembrance irrespective of the work you are doing. It must go on like this.

As the breath continues to function in this manner, you must acquire wisdom, God's actions, and His qualities. God's actions should become your actions, and you should also perform His duty. Please do this.

Do not be idle! Do not sit in the corner and laugh or sit in the garden and gossip. Whatever you may be doing, this work should go on. Wherever you may be, this work should continue. These words should flow unceasingly into your inner heart through awareness and wisdom. Whether you are in the park or in the backyard, whether you are on the left or on the right, these words must keep resonating all the time.

This prayer must go on! The work of uniting with God must go on all the time! You must do this! Each one of you must do this! You must not be idle for even one minute of your time.

When you come here to listen to wisdom, your remembrance of God should continue. You should come here, listen to the discourse, and hear words of wisdom.

The rest of the time, wherever you may be, you must continue to say these words. You must continue to say these words without stopping. You must continue to do this work. This is the most important work you can do. If you do not do this and merely remain idle, there will not be any benefit. This work must go on at all times. When a discourse is being given here, you should come and listen. The rest of the time, you should stay where you are and do this work. Only then will the crop grow. Only then will the light shine. Only then will unity occur. Only then can we unite with God and do His duty. This cannot be achieved in any other manner. Do not waste your time! Do it, my children.

Tell each child that this should be done. Each child should encourage other children and see that this work goes on. Two or three children can join together and say this. Call those who are idle, and invite them to do this.

Just as one feeds an infant with milk and food, the children who know about this should feed it to the others. The children who know this should feed the milk of God to other children. Give them God's milk to drink. Do not sit around thinking that you know how to do it. You must do it and encourage others to do it also. Do it like this. Do not waste time. There is very little time left. During this period we have to do our duty and accomplish this work.

My son, my daughter, pay attention to this. Some people listen to the discourses when they are spoken and are idle the rest of the time. That is not right. This is not the way to do things. It does not mean that you have to come here.You can be here, there, or anywhere, but you should do your work. When wisdom is being spoken or when truth is being explained, you may come here, but in any case, you must do this work wherever you are.You must help other children grow, and you yourself must grow.

It is the One Word. Part pertains to the left and part pertains to the right. Recite this Word! This is the Pure Word: Nothing other than God exists. Only God exists. I was saying yesterday that God is eternal. And this is the way you unite with that Eternal One. Do this.

Only if you do this will it be "Good Morning." Otherwise it is just a morning. Say it properly with determination. Only then will it be a "Good Morning" for us.

M. R. Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

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