Books from the Christian Tradition


         A.W. Pink
        Comfort for Christians
    Andrew Murray
        With Christ in the School of Prayer
    Awaken to Prayer
    Brother Laurence
        The Practice of the Presence of God
    E.M. Bounds
        Power Through Prayer
        Purpose in Prayer
        The Necessity of Prayer
        The Possibilities of Prayer
    Father Thomas Keating
        Open Mind Open Heart
        The Heart of the Matter
    Hobart E. Freeman
        Deeper Life in the Spirit
    J.N. Grou
        Characteristics of True Devotion

    John Piper
    John Wesley
        A Plain Account of Christian Perfection
    Leo Tolstoy
        A Confession
        Twenty-Three Tales
    Madame Guyon
        A Short and Very Easy Method of Prayer
    Matthew Henry's Commentary on Matthew V
    Meister Eckhart
        Light Life and Love
        Meister Eckhart's Sermons
    Mother Teresa
        The Sayings of Mother Teresa
    Rene Fenelon
        Spiritual Progress
St. Augustine
             Commentary on Matthew

    St. Francis de Sales
        Introduction to the Devout Life
    St. Louis de Montfort
        The Secret of the Rosary
    St. Teresa of Avila
        The Interior Castle
        The Way of Perfection
    The Wisdom of the Desert
    Thomas a Kempis
        The Imitation of Christ
    Venerable Louis of Grenada
        Sinner's Guide


A.W. Pink\Comfort for Christians 

 File Name
 Comfort for Christians.rtf

Andrew Murray\With Christ in the School of Prayer 

 File Name
 With Christ in the School of Prayer.htm

Awaken to Prayer 

 File Name
 Awaken to prayer how to pray as a Catholic.htm

Brother Laurence\The Practice of the Presence of God 

 File Name
 The Practice of the Presence of God .rtf

E.M. Bounds\Power Through Prayer 

 File Name
 Power Through Prayer by E_ M_ Bounds.htm
 Power Through Prayer.htm

E.M. Bounds\Purpose in Prayer 

 File Name
 Purpose in Prayer.pdf

E.M. Bounds\The Necessity of Prayer 

 File Name
 The Necessity of Prayer.pdf

E.M. Bounds\The Possibilities of Prayer 

 File Name
 The Possibilities of Prayer.htm

Father Thomas Keating\Open Mind Open Heart 

 File Name
 Birth of Spiritual Attentiveness - II.htm
 Birth of Spiritual Attentiveness.htm
 Dimensions of Contemplative Prayer.htm
 Effects of Contemplative Prayer.htm
 First Steps In Centering Prayer.htm
 First Steps to Centering Prayer - II.htm
 Guidlines for Christian Life.htm
 History of Contemplative Prayer - I.htm
 History of Contemplative Prayer - II.htm
 More Subtle Kinds of Thoughts - I.htm
 More Subtle Kinds of Thoughts - II.htm
 More Subtle Kinds of Thoughts - III.htm
 Open Mind Open Heart.htm
 Ordinary Kinds of Thoughts - III.htm
 Prayer to the Holy Spirit.htm
 Summary - Centering Prayer Method.htm
 Summary of the Centering Prayer Method - II.htm
 The Birth of Spiritual Attentiveness - III.htm
 The History of Contemplative Prayer.htm
 The Intensive Centering Prayer Experience.htm
 The Ordinary Kinds of Thoughts - II.htm
 The Ordinary Kinds of Thoughts.htm
 The Sacred Word as Symbol - I.htm
 The Sacred Word as Symbol - II.htm
 Unloading of the Unconscious - I.htm
 Unloading of the Unconscious - II.htm
 Unloading of the Unconscious - III.htm
 What Contemplation Is Not.htm

Father Thomas Keating\The Heart of the Matter 

 File Name
 The Heart of the Matter.htm
 The Heart of the Matter.rtf

Hobart E. Freeman\Deeper Life in the Spirit 

 File Name

J.N. Grou\Characteristics of True Devotion 

 File Name
 Being devoted to God.htm

John Piper

John Wesley\A Plain Account of Christian Perfection 

 File Name
 Plain Account of Christian Perfection by John Wesley.htm

John Wesley\Sermons 

 File Name

Leo Tolstoy\A Confession 

 File Name
 A Confession by Leo Tolstoy.htm

Leo Tolstoy\Twenty-Three Tales 

 File Name
 Twenty-Three Tales (all).htm

Madame Guyon\A Short and Very Easy Method of Prayer 

 File Name
 Madame Guyon A Short and Very Easy Method of Prayer.htm

Matthew Henry's Commentary on Matthew V 

 File Name
 Matthew Henry's Commentary on the Whole Bible [Matthew V].htm

Meister Eckhart\Light Life and Love 

 File Name

Meister Eckhart\Meister Eckhart's Sermons 

 File Name
 Meister Eckhart's Sermons - first time translated into Engl.htm

Mother Teresa\The Sayings of Mother Teresa 

 File Name
 The Sayings of Mother Teresa.pdf

Rene Fenelon\Spiritual Progress 

 File Name

St. Augustine

Commentary on Matthew

St. Francis de Sales\Introduction to the Devout Life 

 File Name
 Introduction to the Devout Life (all).htm

St. Louis de Montfort\The Secret of the Rosary 

 File Name
 The Secret of the Rosary.rtf

St. Teresa of Avila\The Interior Castle 

 File Name
 Saint Teresa of Avila Interior Castle.htm
 The Seven Mansions of the Interior Castle.htm

St. Teresa of Avila\The Way of Perfection

The Way of Perfection.pdf

The Wisdom of the Desert 

 File Name
 Wisdom of the Desert 1.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 10.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 11.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 12.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 13.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 14.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 15.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 16.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 17.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 18.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 2.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 3.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 4.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 5.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 6.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 7.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 8.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert 9.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert Index.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert Introduction.htm
 Wisdom of the Desert.htm

Thomas a Kempis\The Imitation of Christ 

 File Name
 The Imitation of Christ.pdf

The Imitation of Christ.htm

Venerable Louis of Grenada\Sinner's Guide 

 File Name
 Sinner's Guide - Front Matter.htm
 Sinner's Guide - Index.htm
 Sinner's Guide 10-19.htm
 Sinner's Guide 1-9.htm
 Sinner's Guide 20-29.htm
 Sinner's Guide 30-39.htm
 Sinner's Guide.htm