Pure Land Authors


    Dharma Master Suddhisukha
        Taming the Monkey Mind
    Master Chin Kung
        Buddhism as an Education
        Commentary on The Infinite Life Sutra
        The Art of Living
        To Understand Buddhism
    Patriarch Chih-I
        Pure Land Buddhism
    Patriarch Ou-I
        The Mind Seal of The Buddhas

Dharma Master Suddhisukha\Taming the Monkey Mind 

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Master Chin Kung\Buddhism as an Education 

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 Buddhism as an Education.pdf

Master Chin Kung\Commentary on The Infinite Life Sutra 

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 Commentary on The Infinite Life Sutra.pdf

Master Chin Kung\The Art of Living 

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 The Art of Living.pdf

Master Chin Kung\To Understand Buddhism 

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 To Understand Buddhism.pdf

Patriarch Chih-I\Pure Land Buddhism 

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Patriarch Ou-I\The Mind Seal of The Buddhas 

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 Mind Seal of The Buddhas.pdf