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                        Welcome to the updated version of A Buddhist Library.  As of March of 2009, I've added a few pages,
                         and hopefully made the site easier to use.

                        The original introduction to this website follows.

                        May all beings benefit.

Homage to the Blessed One, Rightly Self-Awakened, Consummate in Knowledge and Conduct, Unexcelled Teacher of those who can be taught, Teacher of divine and human beings, Awakened, Blessed...


Welcome - This site is offered as a celebration of our spiritual heritage as human beings, and in gratitude to all the world's excellent teachers.  As the Zen meal chant says, 'Ten thousand labors brought us this food... may we receive it to further the path of practice...'

With the way things are in these times, this site is dedicated simply to relieving suffering and promoting greater health and happiness in the world.

So have a look around, and download whatever you feel might be useful to you.  The following is a brief introduction to what you can find here, and a link to a page that has some recommendations.  

This site is first of all a Buddhist educational resource.  Most of the material is from the main Buddhist Traditions - the Tibetan, Zen and Theravada.  The teachings of the historical Buddha can be found in Theravada/Suttas I and II.  

At this time there is also quite a bit of material  from the main World Religions.  I bow.

I've noticed over the years that sometimes it's hard to get a sense of the contents of some websites - both in terms of the range, and the amount of material they have.  So I've tried to think of a way to represent what is here...  Imagine walking down a street and coming across a building - a library - with one wall that is transparent, so you can see what's inside... how much is there, and where it  is...

I've tried to sketch something like this.

For our  Site Map - A proportionate visual overview of the site contents -  'A Buddhist Library at a Glance', click here.

This is a large site, over 400 books (and counting), and more than 6,000 articles. There is now a hyperlinked list of these books, as well as a shorter list of Featured Books.

Click here for a page that has the 43 hyper-linked  lists of files (including the books).

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 " Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority, or if it  is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source.   Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true.  Work out your own path, through diligence." - Gautama Buddha

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A History of A Buddhist Library, and A Statement of Purpose

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Dwelling deep within our hearts and the hearts of all beings without exception, is an inexhaustible source of love and  wisdom.  And the ultimate purpose of all spiritual practices, whether they are called Buddhist or not, is to make contact with this essentially pure nature."  Lama Thubten Yeshe

"We have not even to risk the adventure alone, for the heroes of all time have gone before us - the labyrinth is thoroughly known.  We have only to follow the thread of the hero path, and where we had thought to find an abomination, we shall find a god; where we had thought to slay another, we shall slay ourselves; where we had thought to travel outward, we shall come to the center of our own existence.  And where we had thought to be alone, we shall be with all the world."    Joseph Campbell


Tibetan Buddhism | Theravada | Zen | Pure Land | Poetry

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